A Fresh Look at Spring Fundraising for Nonprofits

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A Fresh Look at Spring Fundraising for Nonprofits

Spring time is just around the corner and nonprofit professionals are gearing up to run the most successful campaigns. There are different fundraisers in which you can incorporate techniques like online and mobile giving, this way you can promote remote giving. In this article, we are going to look at the various ways in which nonprofits can raise the necessary funds. This will also allow readers to have a new approach to spring fundraising. 

Online sale

In this kind of strategy, you can set up an online store on your website and sell handmade merchandise through the same. The payment that comes in can go towards your cause and it will help you in achieving your target. Start talking about your online store at least two weeks before the actual launch, make use of social media to let people know about your campaign and how it will help the needy. Create images and videos around the same.

Photo contest

We usually think about pictures of human beings when we say a photo contest, but there is a twist to this. We are referring to pictures of pets, it could be dogs, rabbits, cats and so on. The donation here could be the cost that you charge for registration; encourage your staff, friends and family to spread the word. Keep different categories such as the funniest picture or the cutest, or even the most creative photograph. As you carry out this fundraiser, make sure that your audience is being guided from beginning till the end, even on payment options such as mobile giving. Your nonprofit must be ever available to help donors complete their transaction.

Online donation forms

Your website must stay upgraded and relevant in order to keep your donors engaged. When you resort to online donation forms, a good and modern website becomes all the more important because more donors will be willing to give if your page is user-friendly and appealing. 

Effective online donation forms are useful not just for spring fundraising, but also for annual fund donations. As a nonprofit, you must ensure that your website is donor-centric, easy to use and navigate, clear and visually inviting. Your donation form too has to be well designed too, GiveCentral has been conducting webinars in order to help nonprofits with online donation.


Since going out and organizing an outdoor event isn’t applicable right now due to Coronavirus, you can host an online gathering. The channel here can be social media, we now have Live features on Facebook and Instagram, so take this opportunity to make use of such features. Have a flow of events drafted and engage people through webinars, take registration fees. The topic of your webinar can even be about how nonprofits can still fundraise in the face of calamities. It could also be about how donors can still donate remotely. Get as many people as you can to spread the news about your event. 

We have compiled some helpful tips and online forums where nonprofits can learn more about fundraising remotely during quarantine. 

It is indeed a trying time for all industries in the business world, but the show must go on. As far as fundraising for nonprofits is concerned, it is relieving that there are techniques like text-to-give and mobile giving that make our jobs slightly easier. But we all have to keep trying the different ways to continuously engage our supporters. It is definitely not easy but it is important to remember that it isn’t impossible either.  

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