7 blog post ideas for Nonprofit Organizations in 2020

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7 blog post ideas for Nonprofit Organizations in 2020

Almost every organization including nonprofits is familiar with drafting and writing blog posts that talk about new products, trends, success stories and comments on breaking news. A blog, in layman terms, refers to a collection of written articles and infographics that get published on the World Wide Web.

The written pieces can be one’s personal commentary, a collection of information or even a pitch for a product. Blogging is known to be the third most common content marketing strategy after eBooks and videos, it is a great way to build up the surrounding excitement that your nonprofit may need. You can even use it as a platform to promote tools such as  donor management software, online giving and mobile giving

There are currently more than 600 million active blogs in 2020, therefore it becomes a major responsibility for nonprofit professionals to optimize on their respective blogs and expand their storytelling by selecting engaging topics and content. Here are a few suggestions. 

Photo essays

The purpose of a photo essay is to tell a story and engage your viewers emotionally through a series of photographs. This is an idea that is based on creativity and your organization’s willingness to explore and reach out.

Photo essays can include before and after pictures, or a series of progress regarding your nonprofit or nonprofit’s donor management software. You can even explain your products using pictures and turn it into a guide, it is important to remember that your audience scroll and scan through content, therefore make it worth their while.

Success story

In this time of pandemic, some positive news can do wonders and encourage other people to continue doing the good work. Here’s an example of the same, success stories are like a breath of fresh air, they have the power to refresh and renew the nonprofit spirit.

You can look at how your clients have been making progress in terms of fundraising for nonprofits and management, you can then write about them explaining the process in which they’ve been able to survive and thrive.

Communicate impact

The result of your nonprofit’s effort can be seen in the kind of impact it has been able to bring about. However, it is not enough to keep positive impacts just to yourself, your supporters need to know.

For example, if your organization has helped the homeless with food and shelter through a campaign,  write about it and insert pictures to make it more attractive. Share the goal you had and share the final result, donors deserve to know about their big roles in making the world a better place, one kind act at a time.


Set up an interview with your partners, donors and volunteers and publish the same on your blog. This is not a common activity to do, but it will surely help in the long run.

For partners, you can ask them to talk about the donation tools you’ve provided for them to use such as text-to-give and online giving. When it comes to donors and volunteers, you can ask them about their experience with your nonprofit and how it has made them feel, weave a story around it and present it with finesse. 

Feature new tools

In an ever evolving world, nonprofits have come up with new tools and techniques for fundraising and development. Even if the nonprofit doesn’t launch one of its own, it adopts a particular donor management software that helps smoothen the process.

Coming to the point, articles can be written about new tools and how it will help donors donate easily, especially when it’s about remote giving. Here’s an article that GiveCentral has written about GiveCentral LIVE, a video conferencing platform for nonprofits and churches to hold live events and stream videos, seamlessly. 

Round-up post

Here lies your opportunity to not just write and publish engaging content on your blog, but also to network. Look up for nonprofit influencers who are shaping thoughts and opinions in the nonprofit industry; reach out to them for comments on a common nonprofit topic.

Get around 5 to 7 personalities and publish their content, while you ask them to share the link to the article on their social media handles. Our latest round-up post was on “Survival Tips during Covid-19”. It truly is a great way to expand your audience and create new relationships. 

Staff stories

Your nonprofit is incomplete without your employees, you must address this fact even in your blog articles. You can feature your staff and write about the roles that each of them play, communicating how each effort comes together to build your organization. This would also highlight the way in which nonprofit organizations function. Get your employees to share this article on social media, especially LinkedIn, as this content is so much about profession and work. 

The above ideas are ideal in so many ways because they are aimed not only at filling up your blog, but also attracting more audience and driving more engagement.

Regardless of where you are currently with your blog, you can brainstorm with your team for more ideas; writing about moments that inspired you to do more good is also another great topic. Know your audience, know the content that they like to consume, take it forward from there. For better communication with your audience, feel free to check out our Social Communications Toolkit. Happy to help!


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