How to use Google Analytics for donor acquisition.

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How to use Google Analytics for donor acquisition.

Donors are key to all your fundraising efforts. But with limited amount of attention and resources out there, gaining new donors is a tough ask. This could be eased with the help of a metrics driven approach. A lot of nonprofits analyze data and act on it at every step of their strategy. You could take appropriate steps to gain new donors or supporters once you have studied their preferences. Google Analytics could be one such smart way of attracting and converting new donors.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that provides statistics and basic analytical tools like the search engine optimization that allows you to track, analyze and learn from your website traffic. Not only does it give you the number of people who visit each page of your website but also provides insights on what sources the traffic comes from. Moreover, it gives you an account of pages that people exit your site from.

You could get information on visits to your fundraising campaign and donation pages. Donations that gets completed are also shown in its report. One could get a complete picture of the donor journey and then using the data, improve the overall experience. This would not only allow you to add new donors to your list but also results in much higher donations.

Have a Google Analytics goal to better the donor experience

Create a Google Analytics goal which is an entry you create on it to help you track something that you want to happen on your site. For example, A user clicking on your donation page. Specific data related to this goal could be seen on your Google Analytics dashboard. Things like how long people spend on your donation page could reveal a great deal about their experience on it. Check if there is something on your page which is stopping them from going ahead with the transaction. Make your page more engaging and sort out all the specific issues to make the experience for your visitors a happy one. There are limits to what these goals could track. But you could get a little creative and obtain the desired information out of them.

Using Google Analytics to track and analyze data is just the first step. Only when you adapt to your learnings about the donor behavior and change your digital content, do you make any real progress. This would result in a large number of new donors joining your community and higher donations to follow it. Fundraising for nonprofits could never get any better.

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