5 Great school fundraising ideas

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5 Great school fundraising ideas

One needs a lot of funds for the myriad range of activities that take place in a school. At times there could be specific events for which you might have a shortfall in your budget. But at the same time you don’t want to cut down on any of these activities for the lack of funds. An alternate route to go about it is by raising funds for your school. School fundraising could get easy by adding some fun and creativity to it. Tell a great story to engage people. Articulate it well so that people could relate with it. Donations would just pour in once there is a connection.

Here are some great school fundraising ideas for you to learn from and raise some big bucks this season.

Balloon Raffle

This is a really popular school fundraising idea. All one needs is some balloons and raffle tickets for it. Inflate the balloon after placing the raffle ticket in it. You could sell each balloon for a particular fee to the people present there. Announce the winner once you have sold all the balloons. Everyone who has a balloon needs to check it to see the winner. Anybody who matches the given raffle ticket wins the prize.

Hat Day

Designate a day when students and teachers could wear in their hats and come. Charge a dollar for being allowed to wear a hat. It is an easy way to generate funds for your school.

Sleepover at the School

Spending time in school even after the regular hours could be fun for students. Allow students to do the same and charge a fee for it. Just be sure to designate the given rooms meant for sleeping areas.

Recycling for a Cause

You have an opportunity to both raise money and help the environment based on the number of recycled objects that the students contribute. It would go a long way to teach the kids about the values of recycling and the environment. Teachers could lead the way in showing the kids how to recycle and what kind of items could have a longer lifespan.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun event for people across ages. You could look for sponsors or collect a fee from each participant. Once the hunt begins, people could race around the school looking for the various items on the list. Give prizes at the end of the event to whoever finds all the items.

These are a few School Fundraising Ideas for you to learn from and implement. You could make it a fun exercise by being creative about the whole thing.


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