Text-to-Give for nonprofits : Why it is the greatest fundraising tool.

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Text-to-Give for nonprofits : Why it is the greatest fundraising tool.

Text messaging may have been around forever but they still have a lot to offer. It is particularly beneficial when you want to relay an important message. We believe it is one of the most effective tools for nonprofit fundraising and should be an an integral part of your fundraising efforts. Receiving donations via sms will remain popular especially at events, pledge events and even crowdfunding for simple reasons. Event attendees are likely to carry their phones with them and would be more comfortable giving on a device they use regularly as opposed to handing over their card details to a volunteer / system they aren’t familiar with.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should collect donations through sms. 

1. Reach people anytime. 

2. They seem comparatively urgent than the common instant messenger tools such as Facebook messenger, Whatsapp. 

3. It integrates smoothly with other communications, be it emails, flyers, or websites. 

4. Response rates are excellent! and, 

5. It allows for marketing innovation. You can collect feedback, conduct a poll or a quiz and even raise funds quickly for your campaigns. 

If you’re interested in using text-to-give at your next fundraiser, try GiveCentral In addition to all the above features, our text-to-give solution is also very cost effective.  

 How to get started?
If you’re interested in finding our more, please leave us a comment below and we’ll have one of our fundraising professionals reach out regarding next steps. GiveCentral is here to make your fundraising easy and personal, both for you and your donors!


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