6 Best practices to perfect your Text-to-Give campaign

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6 Best practices to perfect your Text-to-Give campaign

There are a lot of nonprofit fundraising tools that will be taking the limelight this year. That being said, let us look at and emphasize on a method that has been so widely used and continues to be one of the most popular tools in the fundraising world. With over 5 billion people owning smartphones worldwide; a research by Pew Internet asserts that 97% of Americans text atleast once a day making texting the most frequently used app.

Undoubtedly a powerful tool, text-to-give simply works by donors texting the amount they’d like to donate to the nonprofit’s mobile giving phone number. The donors are then taken through a quick set up process and the donation is done. For example, GiveCentral Texting Tools make donation processes simpler and quicker with the help of modern donor management softwares. In this article, listed out are a few practices that will help make your text-to-give campaign a success.

Familiarize your donors with the process

Walk your donors through the functioning of your giving tool, educate them. You can write them a mail with step by step instructions on how to donate using texting tools; you can also hold a live demonstration at a fundraising event.

Set achievable goals

As a nonprofit opting for mobile fundraising, it is very important for you to set a certain amount that you would like to achieve. Once you’ve done that, make you donors know about the target amount; be honest about your cause, you will be surprised how your donors would be willing to help you reach that goal.

Go for simplicity

One thing you require to set up your campaign is a keyword/shortcode through which donors can reach your cause, keep your shortcode simple, relevant and easy to remember. Not only will it be more convenient for donors but it will lessen the chances of typos too.

Promotion is a must

In all of your outreach, promote your text-to-give campaign. Both offline or online, share and talk about it on social media, emails and newsletters. Sending press releases to relevant publications is a great idea too.

Offer diverse donation options

Keeping in mind the budget variation that your donors might have, make sure that you have options to make your donors choose from . You can also make it possible for your donors to become recurring ones by signing them up for an automatic donation on a regular basis.

Express gratitude

In order to retain your donors, stewardship is a must. The donation may be big or small, but it is ideal to send out individual email, note or message of gratitude, addressed to the donor. You can also include how their donations will help in contributing to a positive cause. When you make your donors feel appreciated, you end up forming stronger bonds with them.

Text-to-donate tools are immensely useful for nonprofits and charitable organizations that wish to connect with their donors for multiple fundraising campaigns. The emergence of modern donors has also resulted in the importance of mobile fundraising; fast paced world demands a fast speed donation.

Now that we have your text-to-give essentials covered, you can go ahead and achieve your set goals and targets. Since text-to-give is so simple and quick, all generations of donors will be able to use it to make their donations.

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