Tips for marketing your nonprofit auction, dinner or fundraiser

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Tips for marketing your nonprofit auction, dinner or fundraiser

Nonprofit events like an auction, dinner or fundraisers are a great way to connect with people, spread your message and raise some quick funds. But you need to plan it well in advance and execute it properly to get the most out of it. One of the essentials when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits is strong marketing. Use all the means at your end to spread the word about your event.

Here are a few ways which could help you make it a successful fundraising event.

Social Media Marketing

This is a really efficient way of reaching out to a large audience in a low cost and efficient manner. Make your content interesting by using visual imagery. Adopt different strategies for the various communication channels and try reaching out to as many people as you can.  Let people know about all the amazing work that you do and why coming to your event could be a great idea. Share some pictures of your previous events and ask people to sign up for the upcoming one.

Email Marketing

This should be at the centre of your nonprofit marketing strategy. You need to remind your supporters multiple times before they commit. But at the same time, make sure that you don’t send too many mails so as to annoy them. Plan and make it a three mail series. Send an Event Announcement mail, an Event Reminder and then a Last Chance mail. Articulate it in a easy to read manner and keep it short, reminding your donors to act fast.

Ask your volunteers and supporters to spread the word

Involving your staff, volunteers and supporters would only go on to give a boost to your marketing efforts. Ask them to share all your messages on their individual social media accounts and spread the word to all the people on their mailing lists.

Local Media Outlets

Send in a few media releases to the local media outlets which would help you garner support locally. Keep it simple and make sure that all the relevant information have been included.

Personalized Communication

You can use the services of a reputed fundraising platform to make your communication more personalized and effective. GiveCentral Events could come really handy here. By subscribing to it, you could have a team of experts working with you to build communications and timelines in preparation for your big event.

Marketing is extremely important when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. Make use of all the ways mentioned above to give a boost to your next fundraising event and turn it into a success.

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