Last minute Christmas fundraising tips

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Last minute Christmas fundraising tips

Why is Christmas Fundraising important?

So that time of the year is finally here when people take a break from everything and spend time with their family and loved ones. This is that time of the year when people count their blessings and are full of generosity. Data suggests that nonprofit organizations raise around 31 per cent of their annual contributions during the year end. And Christmas fundraising has to be one of the most important activity for a nonprofit. Not only in terms of the donations that come in but also for creating a community with long term supporters.

Now that Christmas is finally here, the nonprofits must be busy preparing to give the last push. We have compiled a list of last minute tips that every nonprofit must keep in mind while going about it. You could find them below:

Share Stories

Nothing could touch your potential donors better and make them relate with you than some great stories. Studies have shown that people don’t get too motivated by seeing numbers. They truly get affected when they get to hear a moving story. Share stories of all the people who have been helped by you. Show your potential donors the difference that you have made. How their efforts are going to touch upon lives and make this world a much better place to live in.

Let people give in Kind

Not everyone who is moved by your cause and is willing to donate might have the wherewithal to do so. Let your potential donors give in kind if they wish to. Tell them that you are going to take efforts to make it reach someone who would need those items much more.

Make the Giving Process Easier

Smoothen the donation process and make it easier for your donors to give. Incorporate mobile giving and let them give on the go. Whenever and however they would like to.

Usage of Social Media

It is extremely important to make use of the different social media platforms and the various communication channels that it offers to connect with a different range of audience. This would allow you to scale up. Not only does it make your cause reach a huge number of people but also spread across a wide geographical area. Ask all your supporters and volunteers to to share all your important custom made messages on their own profiles.

Market your Cause

Give a lion’s share of all your efforts towards marketing your cause. Make use of social media, emails, etc to make yourself visible. There are a lot of nonprofit organizations vying for the limited attention. Make sure you are the one that people donate to.

These are a few things that you must keep in mind while going about your last minute push to make your Christmas Fundraising Campaign a success. Keep working till the last minute. The rewards will surely be there for you. Wishing you all luck!


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