GiveCentral Integration: a suite of features to power up your nonprofit fundraising

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GiveCentral Integration: a suite of features to power up your nonprofit fundraising

The odds are high that your nonprofit is using a donor management software enabled with a transaction gateway; along with viewing and analyzing all your data in one place – without having to switch accounts. 

One of the major roadblocks to using an online payment system – along with the donor database applications – is juggling between disparate tools and accounts. The online payment systems available in the market are meant for payments only. This is where GiveCentral Integration comes in handy. Along with its agile payment gateway, it lets nonprofits combine, manage, and analyze all the data from multiple applications and sources on one single platform. 

Unifying the existing applications

Every growing nonprofit grapples with managing and maintaining its expanding nonprofit fundraising. Sure, the apps you use every day can help you manage an activity well, but all put together, we understand it’s very difficult for you to manage all the platforms. If you are managing a tool for crowdfunding, a different one for marketing, yet another one for reporting and accounting, then you understand the pain involved. We made your job a whole lot easier by unifying the existing applications. Integrating all your platforms require connecting them through APIs and we did it for you. Eliminating the need for manual data entry; it saves time, minimizes errors and wipes out duplicates!

Shift from siloed applications to a single, integrated system

Designed for nontechnical fundraisers, GiveCentral Integration connects a plethora of pre-built tools with your existing nonprofit applications for actionable insights and decisions.

Donor Management Tools: Leverage existing applications while harnessing the capabilities and benefits GiveCentral has to offer. Enable efficiencies and new opportunities by turning your everyday application into a central hub for text to give, text to donate, capital campaigns and annual appeals, fundraising events, school fundraising and crowdfunding. GiveCentral provides all the said features along with GiveCentral connect (our mobile app) and GiveCentral Go – a feature that enables mobile swiper tool to receive donations anytime, anywhere.

Marketing tools: The days of blast messages and emails have long since passed. Tap into more personalized and customized emails to break the competitive noise. While the core idea has not changed dramatically- sending out emails individually is an uphill task. With the integration, enable your communication with the power of customization. Our email manager and smart tokens will do the job right for you. We have the drag and drop feature to customize your emails in an uncomplicated and effortless manner. You just need to select the purpose (email activity) for which you want to send an email and then start customizing as per your wish and whim. 

Reporting tools: As the numbers of donors grow so does the complexity of analyzing your data. GiveCentral Integration helps you harness the potential of data with its agile reporting tools. With our API integration, analyze the data from your existing database applications for all sorts of reports – fee, participant and transaction. Insights into donors with expiring/expired methods and declined payment method, GiveCentral will have a truly revolutionary impact on your fundraising strategy. With the GiveCentral analytics and statistics tools, get a better sense of your data that will help you make fundraising decisions wisely. 

Accounting systems: Given the proliferation of donors and giving, and the need to make and maintain multiple taxes and invoices, integration has never been more critical than it is for today’s nonprofits. With our Deposit Total reports and Quickbooks reports the nonprofits can import their transaction data into their Quickbook system.

Our integrated software will transform the way nonprofits are functioning. GiveCentral Integration will enable them to transcend the limitations that were previously holding them back from taking the next level decisions.  

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