Unleashing the power of messaging for your nonprofit fundraising

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Unleashing the power of messaging for your nonprofit fundraising

Mobile devices are everywhere these days. They come in all sizes and people are heavily dependent on them for their day to day activities. It not only helps them to save their time in everyday transactions but has also made it quite convenient. Messaging lies at the heart of mobile phone usage. This has become the go to option for people to communicate with others. This is something to be leveraged for a successful fundraising for nonprofits​.

Messaging as a tool for marketing

Nonprofits could use this feature of messaging to communicate more efficiently with their potential donors. With some planning, this could fit in really well in the overall marketing strategy. This is a much more personal way of reaching out to people and is bound to reap some rich dividends. Using this, nonprofits could send in regular notifications regarding upcoming events to keep their potential donors informed, send updates on the progress of ongoing campaigns to build donor trust, send them messages on how they have helped to bring a change, etc.

Text to Give

This is where the real power of messaging lies when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits​. After all your communication and marketing efforts, the next step is to collect donations from your donors. The easier it is for people to donate, the more are the chances that they are going to do it. What if one could use this power of messaging to allow donors to give on the go, just by sending in a message. Text to Give is something which could make it happen for real.

With Text to Give feature that platforms like GiveCentral offer, donors could simply text their information to the nonprofit’s unique texting number. They would then receive a thank you text with a link that sends them to the nonprofit’s customised mobile friendly donation page. The look of the page and the end point of donations could be selected by the nonprofits. The transaction is simple, fast and can be done from any smartphone. The Text to Give number that a nonprofit has is just like any other contact information akin to social media handles or a phone number.

Making communications personal with donors through messaging and leveraging its power to make it easier for them to give would go a long way in making one’s fundraising efforts a success

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