5 Essential Nonprofit Fundraising KPIs To Track Success

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5 Essential Nonprofit Fundraising KPIs To Track Success

Nonprofit fundraising KPIs or Key Performance Indicators allow you to measure the success of a fundraising project or a communication campaign. These are steps you can take regularly to help you make decisions on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at what your nonprofit can focus on and how to measure the progress of your organization’s mission.


As a nonprofit your first resource are your donors so you should always keep an eye on the number of current donors and prospects you may have. For this you need an effective donor management software that can filter your database of validated and pending donors. This will allow you not only to estimate your donations but also to plan the flow of new donors.


E-mail is one of the most used communication media today. Sending a regular newsletter to your donors is a great way to share the latest news and remind them that they matter. It’s also a great way to find out their interests. For that simply track the email open rate and any actions taken. Most fundraising software solutions offer these features (including the GiveCentral). If you are looking for free tools, but you track the audience of a particular link using Bitly. Don’t forget to save the data with Bitly though – your links might not be available for analysis later. 


If you have a website you have probably spent some time configuring it and writing content. But the work does not stop there, indeed once all this is done, it is necessary to make sure that this content is accessible and useful. To determine that you can track your website traffic. Free tools like Google Analytics can help you analyze visits and behaviors of your donors.


For every campaign, you should be able to track certain data to determine success. That is, it will be necessary to define achievable goals and see how your campaign is performing. Depending on the amount of money collected, you can redefine the objectives for the current or future campaign. So you need to know how many donors gave to you and what is the average amount donated.


The engagement of your donor community for a campaign or on social networks is often overlooked. However, the understanding of your campaign performance is not complete without them. Social media is not only great for communication, but they come with their own set of analysis tools to help you measure performance. With native tools such as Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics, you can easily identify which posts were most loved or shared by your members. 

In all, these performance indicators will allow you to guide your marketing strategy. This is a first step towards improving your service or communication. Taking the time now to plan your campaigns using these KPIs ensures that you are making the most of your interactions with your community. It also helps you save precious time later with better management. 

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