GiveCentral : A donor management software that does it all.

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GiveCentral : A donor management software that does it all.

Board your charity on GiveCentral and see how the magic wand of “giving” spins

What if charity and donation sync perfectly with an effortless management system? That’s when you get a Donor Management Software. So what exactly is a Donor Management Software? A Donor Management Software also known as Nonprofit CRM is a platform that can seamlessly organize and analyze your fundraising campaigns and maintain relationships with existing donors and prospective nonprofit supporters. And for the perfect one, you can definitely rely upon the GiveCentral Donor Management Software. An ultimate donor database, GiveCentral Community is the go-to place that allows donor information to be collected and tracked in a simple and single database. With a streamlined user interface, this site allows you to manage all the records of donation and growth initiatives under one roof and the rest will be a plain sailing experience.

A question may obviously be stirring up your mind that why do you exactly need a Donor Management Database?

Well, do you think managing all the financial aid flowing into your charity ecosystem on a daily basis is an easy-breezy affair? Do you find it easy to maintain the name of donors, their credentials such as contact number and address along with the date of donation among others? Can you easily evaluate donor retention by keeping a track of repeat donations? I won’t say you cannot. Well, excel and spreadsheet is all yours.  But then, can you do it without a hitch? Certainly NOT! Then it is certainly the right reason to switch to the GiveCentral Community.

So what exactly does GiveCentral Community has to offer?

This management system comes with built-in tools where you can manage your entire fundraising sphere. Have a look at the below mentioned advantages of being on GiveCentral.

  • Donation history: Going through all those consolidated data on excel, moulding the numbers into charts, dashboards etc. to evaluate the history of your donation does not seem to be fun. That’s when GiveCentral comes handy. View all the donation history on daily basis, monthly basis or even yearly basis with just one click. You can choose to view the donation history for an individual supporter or for the overall fundraising campaigns.
  • Information about recently updated accounts: Know about your growing new supports as the database will be automatically updated as soon as a new supporter creates a profile and makes a donation for your cause. Isn’t is so hassle-free as you don’t have to scratch your head for manually updating your excel sheets with all those information.
  • Personalized Interaction: This divine platform is specialized in sending across personalized bulk mailings and newsletters to supporters so as to retain the donors. It also allows you to automatically send acknowledgements for their donations. Now that’s a great gesture.

And to add a cheery to the cake, this platform is integrated with online fundraising facility that makes it  so easy for a supporter to contribute towards your cause with just few simple steps. So stop grappling with all your data sheets, excel files and leave everything to GiveCentral.

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