The benefits of having a blog for nonprofits

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The benefits of having a blog for nonprofits

With the year coming to an end, it is the time to take a moment and reflect on the activities that you’ve carried out for your nonprofit organization. One of the most popular forms of communication for nonprofits is to maintain a blog and post articles that are relevant to them and their supporters. Listed below are a few benefits that blogs bring and for those who are looking to start a blog, here’s why you should definitely follow through with it.

It maximizes your outreach

Creating and maintaining a blog helps you reach more people. When you publish an article and request your supporters to share links to the same, more people get to know about you and your cause. You could always include a link to an article on your email and the e-newsletters that you send out.

A blog can help increase your website ranking

Search engines like Google are always in favor of blogs and websites that regularly update content; this ultimately results in a spike of website visits. For an even better result, pay attention to the tags and keyword that you use on your blog.

You become a better writer

There is a benefit on the personal end as well. In the process of writing regularly, your writing skills get polished every now and then. You also become a better researcher as you look for topics and discussions that will engage your target audience better.

It gets you media coverage

A good blog saves you the time and effort that goes into an aggressive self-pitch. You can grab the attention of a reporter by writing about the same topic multiple times with different content; it will get you the press that you seek.

Blogging strengthens your bond

Your blog can be the gateway through which you can connect with your donors and supporters; they will get to know more about your causes and develop a deeper trust in your organization. You can also educate people through your blogs by writing about different giving tools such as mobile giving and text to give.

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