Fundraising for Nonprofits: Text to Donate

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Fundraising for Nonprofits: Text to Donate

In today’s world, there is a lot of competition in the nonprofit space. With a lot of organizations vying for the limited attention and resources out there, it gets really important to stay ahead of the curve. Fundraising for nonprofits would involve a lot of strategizing to make it a success. But one of the most important aspects which plays a huge role in it is how easy you make it for your donors to give.

People simply don’t have the time to sit at the computer and carefully select the the nonprofit organization that they intend to donate to. In this fast paced times, people would rather prefer something that allows them to do the same on the go. Something that saves their time and gives them the flexibility to give whenever and wherever they would want to. This is where mobile giving pitches in.

And that’s where GiveCentral has come up with its two mobile centric fundraising features Text-to-Connect and Text-to-Give that makes both giving and collecting donor information as simple as sending a text.


GiveCentral sets up with an own unique texting number for any nonprofit that would like to use the Text-to-Connect. The nonprofit then just needs to ask the donors to shoot it a quick text with some basic information. That donor’s information including their phone numbers would then be automatically saved to the nonprofit organization’s communication portal. This would make future communication for it really easy with its donors.


Nonprofits would like to use the Text-to-Give feature to direct the donors to a particular fundraising page. Once the donors have texted their basic information to the nonprofit’s unique texting number , they would automatically receive a thank you text with a link that takes them to the nonprofit’s customized and mobile friendly donation page. The nonprofit organization gets to select the look of the page as well as the end point for donations. The transaction is simple, fast and could be done from any smartphone.

These two mobile centric features make giving really easy for the donors. This not only translates into higher amount of donations but also in much greater levels of donor retention. People would tend to give much more when it is less of a hassle. Fundraising for nonprofits has been made really smooth with the help of mobile giving. The nonprofits could now devote a greater part of their efforts towards marketing and connecting with the donors.

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