5 Great gifts for Christmas that keep on giving

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5 Great gifts for Christmas that keep on giving

It’s the Holiday Season and with Christmas lurking around, an important question which must often be arising in your mind would be regarding the choice of gifts. Gifts which would end up being something meaningful to the recipient. Gifts which could help people do something for the underprivileged or the environment or bring a true sense of joy in the heart of the recipient.

One thing that you should be assured of is that the gift doesn’t fade away once the newness wears off. It’s something that keeps on giving. If you are looking for such gifts, then here is a list of few of those which could help you out.

Sponsorship of an International Child

You can sponsor the education of a child for as much as just $32. Organizations like World Vision could help you do that. If you could sponsor a child for roughly $35 per month, it would provide a child with clean water, nutritious food, healthcare and education.

Giving through a Gift Card

This year, instead of the average gift card that you give, you could consider giving out something that could help people change the world. You could do it with the help of Global Giving. Each card would allow your recipient to choose what project they would want to donate to. Projects which range from feeding the hungry to educating children, building houses to training men and women with job skills, etc.

Reusable Gift Bag

This year while wrapping your gift you could choose to use a Reusable Gift Bag. Your recipient could use it for other purposes too. This would save some trees and would also be a gift to the environment apart from the recipient of the gift.

A Secret Identity

For the ones in your life who are too enamoured with superheroes, you could give them the gift of living out a superhero identity. With some help from the Brooklyn Superhero Company, you could let them live it out. All your proceeds to this organization go directly towards the supporting of free writing and   tutoring programs at 826NYC. 826NYC is a nonprofit organization which helps students aged 6-18 hone their writing skills.

Make a donation for your friend

If you aren’t too sure of what to gift your friends this holiday season, you could just go about helping them get some goodwill. Instead of the regular goodies that you would buy for them, you could instead go about making a donation in their name.

These were just some of the many gifts that you could go about giving this Christmas which would not only be a gift to the recipient but to the society in general. These are things which do not fade away with time and Keep on Giving.

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