Christmas fundraising ideas for your office to try out

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Christmas fundraising ideas for your office to try out

December is finally here and so is Christmas just around the corner. This could be the right time to throw your company’s weight behind some cause.  Bring a smile to someone’s face. This could also be the time when you could plan something in your workplace and would wish everyone to contribute something to it.

If your firm wishes to raise funds for charity or there is some idea that your office believes in, here are a few fundraising ideas that we have put together for your office to try out:

Donate your Pay

You could ask your colleagues in your workplace if they could donate a day’s pay to your cause. They could get involved with your cause even without taking out time for it, if they too busy.

Office Quiz

Plan a fun office quiz with a range of questions around Christmas and get everyone involved. Spice it up with music and picture questions. Keep an entry fee for anyone who wishes to sit for the quiz.


Take your team around for a Karaoke night. Ask them to warm their vocal chords. You could charge them a fee on top of the fee for the Karaoke, which you could donate to your cause.

Baby Photo Competition

You could ask all your team members to submit anonymous baby photos. Once you get all the pictures from your colleagues, scan them and pin it on a board. Charge your friends to enter the contest and be a part of the fun. They get to match all the pictures with your colleagues in the office. The one who gets the most right gets an attractive prize.

No presents for birthdays

You could try to gather consensus in your office to say no to cards or presents for birthdays or Christmas. Whatever amount saved there could be donated to your cause.

Arts and Crafts

There could be a very good chance that there could be quite a few artists amidst you, in your office. It’s time to rekindle the art in each of them. Put out a call to your colleagues to donate some arts and crafts. You could put these off on auction and the money collected could go to your cause.

The above Christmas Fundraising Ideas are just a few of many that you could learn from and try out for raising funds, this Christmas, in your office. Be creative and make the most out of all the generosity out there during the holiday season.


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