St. Clare Case study Covid 19 fundraising ideas that worked

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St. Clare Case study Covid 19 fundraising ideas that worked

The most essential way to gain the attention of your supporters and increase your donations is through a healthy interaction with them. Despite the limitations due the ongoing pandemic, St. Clare Parish was able to reach their fundraising goals with a little bit of creative thinking, and some help. Here’s how they did it. This case study of Covid 19 fundraising ideas shares some inexpensive ways to raise a lot of money. And they are really easy to customize for your own fundraising campaigns and audiences.

The biggest challenge for our partner was the ability to engage a large audience online. The community at St. Clare Parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn comprises eleven parishes that together represent Queens Deanery 9. Innovations in online fundraising helped them provide the most spirit-filled and inspiring worship in every area of their ministry.

Case study Covid 19 fundraising ideas

St. Clare parish took advantage of live streaming and our online resources to connect with their supporters. They hosted online masses six days a week through Facebook and Boxcast. They also added easily visible links to their website for giving requests which made it easy for their donors to find the donation links. 

St. Clare Parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn
St. Clare Parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn livestream
St. Clare Parish with GiveCentral, improved their content strategy and site navigation for better accessibility. Added their GiveCentral giving page link right on the homepage banner.

St. Clare Parish worked on their media outreach as well as connected with their audience through social media, sharing timely updates. This increased engagement attracted a lot of supporters towards their fundraising efforts

St. Clare Parish of the Diocese of Brooklyn facebook

“GiveCentral has been a wonderful on-line experience for St.Clare Catholic Church. With in person services being paused, it has indeed been a blessing to give our parishioners the ability to make on-line contributions. These contributions are essential for the financial stability and maintenance of our parish. We were able to have the “Donate” button linked to the parish’s Facebook page and our website to make it easier for our parishioners to make their tithes.”

Parish business manager, Dianne Sealy-Soon.

What tools to increase your donations?

Online donation tools that have appeared in recent years allow nonprofits to increase the amount of donations collected.Let’s focus on some of these major tools! 

Facebook and donations

Who would have thought that Facebook could one day develop a charitable giving tool? Since 2017, nonprofit organizations can benefit from these tools. Functionalities? The ability to add a “Donate” button in publications, pages, and even Facebook Live! In addition to this tool, Facebook has also developed other programs for nonprofit communities. Here are some more reasons why your nonprofit should embrace Facebook for fundraising. 

Crowdfunding platforms are there for you

Crowdfunding, or collaborative financing, is a method of financial transactions that calls on a large number of people to finance part or all of a project. We do not necessarily think of these platforms when we want to collect donations. But they really work! Use these to raise funds for a specific project of your nonprofit. 

The YouTube program for nonprofits

Do you have a YouTube channel for your organization and regularly post videos there? With the YouTube program for nonprofits, you are able to integrate a button at the end of the video, asking Internet users to make a donation. You can also raise funds while broadcasting events. And many more features are available. Enough to highlight your cause!

GiveCentral has also thought about your donations!

GiveCentral is an online giving platform and a donor management software for nonprofits. Are you an organization authorized to receive donations? Start your online fundraising campaign directly via our platform! By including it on your website, or by communicating the giving link to your members by email or mobile, you will be able to increase the visibility of your cause for donations, and effectively mobilize your members and interested parties around this fundraising.

And of course, don’t forget to communicate your fundraising online on your favourite social networks and via your organization’s newsletter, if you have one! This will also allow you to best bring together the people concerned by your cause or organization.

We hope you found this case study of Covid 19 fundraising ideas useful. If you are looking to transition from traditional to online fundraising, Request a demo for more information. It is a free session with out fundraising experts who can help you navigate crowdfunding, mobile giving and email fundraising- or any other questions you might have.

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