10 Steps for a strong online marketing strategy.

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10 Steps for a strong online marketing strategy.

Every business and organization, regardless of their size, is leaving a footprint on the digital platform. Be it small, medium or large, every organization is going digital and mobile in their management and operation. Like any other organization, nonprofits are getting aware of the importance of being on the digital medium. Even in the world of charitable giving, a well-grounded online marketing strategy is the need of the hour.

When you’re about to go for online marketing, there is a need to prepare. 

  • Study your market. As you identify your purpose and create your brand story, you need to know who to sell to. The more you know your target audience, the easier it will be for you to make the approach.
  • Do the SWOT analysis, figure out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 
  • Segment your donors and create a plan around each segment. This is important because all your donors will not have the same interests and habits.

This article looks at the detailed ways in which you can market your way through your audience and increase your charitable giving. Simply follow the 12 steps for a strong online marketing strategy. 

Here are 12 steps you can follow for a strong online marketing strategy.

Steps to Create Online Marketing Strategy


For your organization to make the most out of its marketing efforts, it is important to believe in your mission and that belief must reflect in your communication. Get your staff and board members to advocate your cause. Charitable giving is all about team effort, therefore it is only fair that you get everyone involved. Once you’ve launched your online marketing campaign, see to it that you monitor the performance of your campaign time and again. Go for online fundraising platforms that can show you real time updates on a dashboard, GiveCentral is an example. This will help you keep a good track on the progress of your campaign and enable you to focus on other important tasks at the same time. 

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