[Success Story] Innovative ideas to build buzz for your church

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[Success Story] Innovative ideas to build buzz for your church

How Divine Mercy Parish raised $85,509 in the last 3 months

With the right tools, online fundraising allowed Divine Mercy Parish to fundraise effectively. Donors could contribute towards their mission the moment inspiration striked. Plus, a secure platform enabled several payment options and eliminated any fear donors may have about having their personal financial data compromised.

They did not stop at making regular donation appeals. What worked most for them was a great donor engagement strategy using podcasts. 

Innovating with online giving

Innovating with online giving

The Divine Mercy Parish embraced online fundraising to secure funding and support via the internet. Roughly 88% of the North American population has internet access, making it incredibly easy to reach donors where they already are.

They started off with a well organized website and an online donation form, later expanding to more modern technologies such as text giving using branded keywords and donor newsletters.  

Podcasts with a purpose

Podcasts with a purpose

Podcasts can be an invaluable tool for your church as you work to scale your impact, grow your community of supporters, or apply new fundraising tactics to your strategy.

It’s not easy to come up with something new every day to focus on and speak about with conviction. Fr Steve does a great job on creating high-quality podcasts. These podcasts are categorized and archived on the website as well as the parish’s social media channels. 

Communicating with donors is an essential part of any effective online fundraising strategy. Whether you pair it with your virtual campaigns or simply use it to disseminate important announcements, text messages give your audience a new, more modern way to connect with your cause.

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Already have a podcast but no audience?

Use these tips to make your nonprofit fundraising podcasts more discoverable.

  1. Be present on all distribution platforms

With Podcastics, you can quickly and easily distribute your podcast on all listening platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify

This diversity is also a necessity. Asking a potential listener to change their favorite platform so that they can listen to you doesn’t make sense for them. Getting to know your show should require minimal or no effort.

  1. Be active on social networks

The social networks are one of the main growth drivers on which to build. The podcast audience is both young and over-connected .Whatever networks you set your sights on, keep in mind that the use of images or even video will always have more impact than simple text.

  1. Be active in the podcasting community

At the risk of surprising you, no one listens to podcasts more than the podcasters themselves. Better, no one talks more about podcasts than podcasters. Your first audience, after perhaps a few of your colleagues, will therefore very often be podcasters. And to expand it quickly, we can give you better advice than to invite one of these passionate colleagues.


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