Social Media Trends and Tips for Nonprofits to Drive Engagement in 2020

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Social Media Trends and Tips for Nonprofits to Drive Engagement in 2020

The entire world is in a phase of adjustment; adjusting to our new reality. This can be in the form of working from home, homeschooling and focusing on what we need rather than our wants. On platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, engagement rates have come to be the lowest in 2020. 

With 30% of nonprofit website traffic coming from social media, this platform cannot be ignored. You could be promoting remote giving tools such as text-to-give and online giving, but keep in mind that your presentation needs to be attractive and convincing.

Your handles across social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have to deliver engaging content and encourage your audience to continue supporting you. GiveCentral has compiled a few examples and tips that your nonprofit organization can adopt. 

Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, there are brands and organizations that have come up with creative ways to garner more support. 

Suncoast Credit Union

Suncoast Credit Union is a financial institution that did a great job by pledging monetary support to their community; this is more like putting money where its mouth is. This brings about excitement among the audience as the organization is proving itself to be caring towards its community and members. Such pledges tend to do well because people support noble acts from the organizations that they follow.

Fenwick High School

Fenwick High School in Oak Park has driven a remarkable engagement by focusing on the emotional aspect of the audience. This school garnered attention from their supporters by creating and publishing a separate post for each of their 273 graduating seniors. 

Brother Rice School

Brother Rice School in Chicago puts emphasis on creating videos around their sports team on Youtube. With a good number of subscribers, the views on the videos are on this rise. This is because they have chosen to showcase what they are really good at. Nonprofit organizations should know how to leverage their strengths to attract more audience and supporters. 

There are tools such as IGTV and Facebook Watch Party that your organization can use to bring people together. Hold live sessions talking about fundraising for nonprofits, how methods like text-to-give are becoming all the more popular, take questions from your audience and start a conversation. You can even hold quizzes and games, all you have to do is experiment. Also make use of the donate buttons on social media and focus on the quality of your content. 

Strategize and navigate

Fundraising for nonprofits includes a lot of planning and strategizing. As nonprofit professionals, you along with your team can decide which strategies work best for which channels. 

  • Define your goal
  • Select the donation process or tool
  • Create a posting schedule. Grab your free content calendar and sample communication templates.
  • Get your content and messaging right
  • Use meaningful images and videos 
  • Run your fundraising campaign
  • Focus on building stronger relationships
  • Communicate with influencers 
  • Monitor and measure your results

Every nonprofit has a story to tell, therefore it is absolutely necessary to master the art of storytelling. Choose a story that aligns with the message that your nonprofit wishes to spread, a story that shows impact. It is also advisable to spread awareness and talk about the methods and tools that work best for fundraising, be it crowdfunding, text-to-give and mobile giving, among others. Continue to ask your supporters to share your fundraising posts and do not forget to thank them for the same!


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