Nonprofit Success Story: How a church raised $4000 in just 5 days!

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Nonprofit Success Story: How a church raised $4000 in just 5 days!

Immaculate Conception Church used livestreaming and personalized giving links to connect with donors on social media and increased monthly donations. 

Dedicated communications can help deliver useful messages for your supporters.

Pastor, Msgr. Fernando Ferrarese, of the Immaculate Conception Church recorded a video explaining the need for and benefits of supporting the parish during COVID. They included their personalized giving links and GiveCentral tools to increase their fundraising results during Covid.

The Immaculate Conception Church pinned this video to the top of their Facebook page. Since posting the video on May 3rd, as well as including a giving link in every live stream and general social media post, the parish has received nearly $4,000 in online donations in just five days.

This represents a 300% increase over donations for the entire month of April, when the parish was streaming daily services but not including giving links.

They have been posting, sharing updates on social media and now offer posts in different languages as well.

Immaculate Conception Church also anticipated an increase in concern among parishioners and kept open all lines of communication during Covid-19. They used emails, updated their website timely to inform their supporters about the pandemic, how they can schedule prayer requests or help fellow parishioners.

The Immaculate Conception Church with GiveCentral, improved their content strategy and site navigation for better accessibility. Added their GiveCentral giving page link right on the homepage.

Immaculate Conception Church Giving Page Link

Take a look at some of the products they used to support their nonprofit fundraising needs. 

Learn more about church live streaming or download our free guide on fundraising during Covid-19.

5 bonus tips for using Social Media for your fundraising campaigns

#1 Make a plan for your fundraising campaign

A better understanding of the fundamentals of your fundraising campaign will allow you to communicate with your members more effectively. Determine your fundraising goals – How much do you need to raise in donations? For what purpose do you need donations? Does your fundraising campaign last?

#2 Choose the right social media platform

There are so many social media platforms you can choose from, but how do you choose the one that works best for you? This is the reason why you need to know your target audience. 

If you are not sure, try a survey or more research on your province or city.

#3 Interact with your fundraising members

Communicate regularly with your members, interact with them. This way, they will know that you are reliable and that they can count on you to answer any questions. Encourage them to give their opinion and comment.

#4 Create content

Create content to keep your members interested in your page. Give regular updates to your fundraising campaign, your members will be more motivated knowing that their efforts are useful to the cause. If you are unsure about the type of content to share, experiment with different types of content. See what works best, what interests your members the most.

#5 Don’t forget to say thank you!

Take advantage of the ease and accessibility of social media to thank your members. It’s common practice in fundraising for good reason, since people react positively to it. Your members do not want to feel taken for granted and instead want their contribution to be appreciated.


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