Essentials that every nonprofit must know about mobile giving

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Essentials that every nonprofit must know about mobile giving

Mobile giving has been increasing exponentially over time. A survey shows that it has increased by 80 percent since 2013. More and more people are donating through their mobile devices. This not only makes it really smooth, allowing them to give on the go, whenever and wherever they would want to but also saves their time. Even though younger generations are more likely to donate through their mobile devices, this trend is picking up across generations. This should be reason enough for your nonprofit to adopt mobile giving. Making it donor centric would help you reap some rich dividends.

Here are a few essentials that every nonprofit must know about mobile giving:

Get over your assumptions

Even if your nonprofit has predominantly an older donor base, don’t just assume that mobile fundraising is not for you. Track your website traffic to see which pages are viewed by users through their mobile devices and optimize those, for making them mobile friendly.

Optimize all your online communication channels

Be it your newsletters, website, donation pages or social media platforms, make sure you optimize them all and make them suitable to be read and viewed on mobile devices. Visual, fonts, links – everything must be checked. There shouldn’t be any aspect that your donors miss if they are viewing it through a mobile device. It would pay handsomely to make your donation page as easy as possible.

Text to Give

This is one of the most familiar methods when it comes to mobile fundraising. It makes it really easy for a donor to give, just through a message, without bothering about entering credit card details.

Mobile Giving Apps

Your nonprofit could make use of a mobile giving app that is already in the market, rather than taking the pain to create one. An app like that of GiveCentral is extremely easy to use and could make life really easy for your donors and for you, as a nonprofit. It is not only optimally prices but its various features help you in keeping track of all the donations and sending out notifications or reminders when required.

Mobile Giving is a trend which is a must for every nonprofit, in this digital age. Staying behind the curve and not adopting it would mean missing out on a lot of opportunities. After all, when it comes to fundraising, the more easier you make it for your donors, the higher would be the donor engagement.

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