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Raise more funds with our community and GiveCentral support

You don’t have to go it alone. Master the art of fundraising and get the most out of your donor management software. Learn and grow with GiveCentral support and a thriving community behind you.


200% growth in your donor base? It can happen—if you give it a personal touch. Take St. Teresa of Avila (located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood), who recently took an extra-personal approach to online giving. They knew that leaping from offering plate to online donations can feel impersonal if it’s done without care. So, when they moved their donation process over to GiveCentral, they offered their parishioners plenty of hands-on attention, from teaching them how to create a donor profile to helping them set up their giving preferences. This constant communication paid off—thirty new donors were registered during the first week of the push, and ultimately, their Sunday Offertory increased by an amazing 433%.


Fr. Watts knows that when it comes to giving, you have to be polite—but you also can’t give up. His fundraising toolbox consists of personal visits, phone calls, monthly emails to the community, and personal messages on social media. And his parish and school are thriving because of his respectful yet relentless approach. Mass attendance and school enrollment are on the up and up, and online donations have skyrocketed. In 2010, his church was receiving $5,000 a month in online donations; today, they’re bringing in $22,000 a month, for an astounding  440% increase.


The St. Raymond de Penafort parish found themselves in a sticky situation: with the end of the fiscal year looming, they needed to quickly raise $30,000 to cover a budget shortfall and keep parish operations on sound financial ground. But how? They were accustomed to sending out monthly emails, but to solve this budgetary crisis, their emails took a different tone: they sent out a vulnerable, honest message that clearly laid out their financial situation and asked parishioners to help. The response was immediate and powerful, and they raised $30,000 in less than a week, wiping out their debt for the year.  


This past February, St Norbert wanted to sell tickets for their 25th Centennial Celebration, which they were throwing in order to raise funds for their school. However, they needed to sell a very specific roster of tickets: various discounts, sponsorship tiers, and so on. This wasn’t a simple process, and they needed help. GiveCentral’s customer support team stepped right in to turn a complicated fundraising situation into an intuitive one, by creating a single page with one shareable link for school parents, alumni, and students to use. This link was posted on the St. Norbert website and included in all communications—and this helped St. Norbert raise over $15,000 solely through online sales. Their Centennial Celebration was a great success, both online and off.


For the first time ever, the University of Saint Mary of the Lake and Mundelein Seminary wanted to host a live Raise the Paddle fundraising campaign at their annual gala. Their goal was $25,000, and donors could give online, by text, or in person. GiveCentral helped them line up an array of easy-to-use products: swipers to preauthorize attendee’s credits cards when they registered for the event, a custom text-to-give number and code for quick gift processing, and an online crowdfunding platform for real-time donation updates. With GiveCentral managing the campaign, the results were astounding:  $37,965.00 raised in a matter of minutes, with an average donation of $462.92.

Discover how GiveCentral can help with fundraising for your organization. Reach us at GiveCentral support with your questions.

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