Last minute Halloween ideas to keep your community engaged

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Last minute Halloween ideas to keep your community engaged

Happy Halloween guys! For most of us, Halloween marks the start of the holiday season. Halloween generates a lot of hype and enthusiasm. A great time for nonprofit organisations to tap into this euphoria and use it as an opportunity to engage your community and kick-start your year-end fundraising.

But for those who have missed the bus in starting their campaigns around Halloween, there is still a way to get on the wagon.

Let’s look at some of the last minute activities that you could organise to build your community and keep your existing ones engaged.

Pumpkin Carving Festival

Pick your car space or any vacant space, set up rafters and invite your community to be a part of the celebrations. All the fun aside, ask them to contribute to the community jack o’lantern collection.

Host a play in the dark event

Have a space illuminated and invite kids and adults to celebrate there, after dinner. You could organise some games for the kids or the adults appropriately. Keep them interested and engaged.

Organising Night time walks

You could have your community go on a night time walk around the park, complete with nature stops and activities.

Trunk or Treat

You could throw in a Trunk or Treat party in your park and allow kids to walk from car to car to get their sweet treats.

Host a bonfire

If you could arrange for food trucks, throw in some warm apple cider and some live music there, you have set the foundation to get your community all engaged and grooving in the celebration.

Neighbourhood Halloween parade

Get a costumed spooky band if you can and make them a part of your parade in your neighbourhood, for the Halloween feel and effects. End the parade in a park for a fun, family festival.

These are a few examples on how you could make last minute improvisations to get your community engaged on the Halloween and make the event a part of your year-end fundraising strategy.

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