Keeping Up With the Trend: Instagram donation tool

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Keeping Up With the Trend: Instagram donation tool

Pictures tell stories, which is exactly why your instagram handle is – your storytelling goldmine. Instagram initially started off as a personal picture album, now it has turned into a platform that is being used by all kinds of businesses to market their products, office culture and opinions.  This being said, there is so much for nonprofit organizations on instagram too. In this article, let us take a look at how instagram encourages nonprofit fundraising.

Donation Sticker

A feature that was launched in February this year, this is not just for nonprofits raising funds on their own but also for the supporters to raise funds for their favourite nonprofit. This has come as an addition to the collection of stickers that instagram has.  

Emily Dalton Smith, Facebook’s Director of project management for social good has conveyed that the donation sticker can only be used to benefit registered nonprofit organizations. This means your favorite influencer won’t be able to solicit money for themselves. Similar to Facebook, there is no processing fee and the complete donation amount goes to the nonprofit organization.

Preparing for this tool

In order to make your nonprofit benefit from this tool, there are a few things that you will have to check off your list.

Make sure your nonprofit is ready to receive funds

Unless your organization is well set up with a proper website and facebook handle. Inorder to enable nonprofit fundraising through the donation sticker, the organization must sign up for charitable giving tools, link their instagram and facebook accounts and switch their instagram account to a business one.  

Communicate this new method to your supporters

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, instagram is also your storytelling platform. Therefore, make use of it; let your audience know how your cause is still so close to them and why they should continue to support you in this journey. Not just still images, but put out videos too. Word of mouth communication at events; telling people of this new tool and showing them how it works is a great idea too.

Explore other features on the same platform

Instagram has a feature that highlights stories, this pins your stories to your handle – it is ideal to have at least 3 to 4 highlights that tell your nonprofit’s story from different angles. IGTV is another feature that showcases video updates, this is a great tool to spread awareness as it holds longer videos than normal video update. In the long run, see how these features start to complement each other. Other updates to instagram include new picture effects and interactive stickers.

Spread love

Always check for messages, be responsive. For example, if a supporter mentions you in his story, then make sure that you mention him back, thanking him for the effort and support. Your organization needs to keep a grateful attitude constantly; here’s a separate article on how you can gain more supporters on social media.

Across multi-platforms, it is important to remember the basic principle in nonprofit fundraising; your donors should always be your number one concern.

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