How Technology Can Revitalize An Annual Giving Campaign

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How Technology Can Revitalize An Annual Giving Campaign

Recently, we shared our new white paper on best practices for rejuvenating your annual giving campaign with online giving strategies. Because everything is more fun with pictures, we’ve taken our tips to the next level in our latest infographic. Make your way around the “8” to get additional perspective on how to bring a fresh approach to your organization’s annual campaign.

INFOGRAPHIC: Rejuvenate your annual campaign with online giving: 8 best practices for success!

Benefits of Planning an Annual Giving Campaign Online

Online fundraising platforms have opened up a whole new world of fundraising possibilities! With setting goals that your teams can track and researching, to creating feasibility reports, everything integrates well with your ongoing campaigns. You can create smart reports and gain meaningful insights when you compare your current campaign performance with previous campaigns.

An example is finding out who your major donors are and reaching out to them with personalized messages. When you know how much they donated won’t you set realistic goals? You might even go for a bigger ask.

Another major advantage of raising pledges online is that it allows you to surpass geographical limitations. You can use your email and multiple social media channels to spread the word about your event to reach more potential donors, and to attract new supporters. Online fundraising usually produces a higher give result than traditional methods.

Looking to enhance your next annual appeal or capital campaign?

Online pledging is both convenient and affordable making it more cost effective in both out of pocket costs and time.  We offer innovative expertise, user-friendly tools and tech-forward fundraising solutions for annual giving campaigns and capital campaigns and appeals both big and small. Learn more.

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