How to Set Up a Successful Pledge Event

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How to Set Up a Successful Pledge Event

Pledge fundraising is a great way to engage your backers. It also provides an option for donors who don’t have the means to give right away. Use these techniques to get the most from your pledge event.

State Your Purpose

Define your objectives clearly as to why you need the funds. When possible make sure you connect to the needs of your donors too. 

Use Text-To-Give

The average mobile donation pledge for fundraising events was $167 last year.

You can make it super easy and super quick for donors to pledge to your cause through text. 

And it is equally convenient for your team to set up the campaign too!  

All you need to do to set it up is:

  • Generate a texting number. Your donors use this number to participate.  
  • Decide on a Keyword. Making sure it’s simple and relevant. For example, ADVENT_PLEDGE.
  • For new donors, use our pre-configured Keywords that enable them to sign up and create a profile before donating. All in under a minute!

You can link your mobile giving campaign to the webpage where donors can specify the amount they wish to pledge to your cause. 

Have a Communication Plan

Calendar the campaign, talk about it on your website and reach out to your donors on email. Share with them the opportunity to include their network.  

Make sure to share your campaign progress and testimonials once the campaign is live. 

Track Your Pledges

The success of your campaign is mostly determined by your ability to follow up with your donors. Use GiveCentral reports to gain actionable insights. Learn who made payments, to which events and on what dates. All reports are downloadable in CSV format which is compatible with Microsoft Excel. 

Note: Make sure you thank your donors once they have made their pledge and once again when they follow through and donate.

Plan to Follow Up 

GiveCentral makes it easy for your donors to set up recurring donations. Remember, past due pledges are often genuinely the result of forgetfulness to update new information such as new credit card details, so a polite reminder or two can go a long way.

A planned approach for communication is far more successful than ad hoc calls. Have a standardized script for your letters, emails, and phone calls timed appropriately to suit your campaign needs.

Let’s get started! 

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