How GiveCentral for Salesforce drives online donations

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How GiveCentral for Salesforce drives online donations

GiveCentral offers a variety of fundraising features in conjunction with a comprehensive online payment tool through a very strong Salesforce integration. From individual payments and recurring donations to event registration and in-person swiped gifts, managing your data is now effortless with a unified online fundraising platform.

This sync between GiveCentral and Salesforce adds a two-way channel of data between the two platforms. Nonprofits that have already been using Salesforce for their work, now have total transparency while sending funds from their GiveCentral account to their Salesforce account, using an API.

How does it simplify your nonprofit’s work? Let’s have a look:

No shuffling between multiple platforms

No need to shuffle between different platforms for managing your nonprofit records. Just sign up on one and manage all your data from contact info to donations, event support, marketing, and so on.

Convenient Transactions

GiveCentral brings an easy, fast and PCI compliant payment gateway. If your organization is making use of Salesforce as a donor management system, GiveCentral gives you the opportunity   The donation history of your donors as well as their payment preferences are saved as well.

Recurring Donations

Your donors can set up recurring donations directly from the platform. You can map your GiveCentral schedules with Salesforce through all channels and records on your database automatically. You are informed about every donation that takes place on the online fundraising platform, across all the donors in your organization’s community, without the requirement of any manual work.

Donor and Event information

Say you create a new contact info on GiveCentral. This is automatically shared and stored in your Salesforce account. You can thus update and store contact information in real time across both platforms. Similarly, the information of any events in GiveCentral – campaign IDs, source codes, etc. are synced through the API as well.

Automate Marketing & Outreach

Nonprofits can take their fundraising and outreach to the next level with GiveCentral marketing tools and automations that seamlessly integrate with their Salesforce account.

Data Reconciliation

The Sync helps data management for the donor management software. It is important to understand that unverified data can lead to a large number of losses in the long run. It could increase your mailing costs, increase manual reconciliation needs, hence deter staff or customers from using the platform. Salesforce sync helps automatically merge and verify the existing data with the new entries, thus keeping the data refined for your organization’s use.

Avoid Duplication

Duplicate contacts could result in multiple team members reaching out to the same contact, or the same contact being sent the same mails multiple times. This ultimately leads to a waste of resources for the organization. Integrating Salesforce with the GiveCentral platform helps remove the duplicate data. Earlier, nonprofits would shuffle between different databases for different types of records such as marketing data, contact info, or donations received, which could have led to creation of multiple contacts with the same info. However, with the new update, the platform greatly reduces the possibility of such occurrences.

Household management

As a nonprofit, your community members might be connected to a lot more contacts. They might collectively have their own preferences or needs when it comes to their fundraising needs or event preferences. These connections could also be categorized as family relationships or affiliations with an organization, say a church or an employer. With Salesforce sync, GiveCentral Community now gives your organization the power to customize features, ads, or communications with such grouped relations or affiliations–technically known as households.


With the new upgrade, administrators gain the privilege of creating a customized dashboard. They also have the privilege of creating customized reports as per the needs of their organization.


Administrators using Salesforce for their nonprofit can gain much more advantages if they integrate GiveCentral’s online fundraising platform with their account. They can directly manage donor transactions as well as receive donations through a free donation tool. 

If you have any queries related to GiveCentral’s online fundraising platform, feel free to contact our experts any time. We hope you have a great fundraising experience!

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