How a good communication plan helped one parish boost donations

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How a good communication plan helped one parish boost donations

St. James raised $42,144 in 3 months with GiveCentral.

St James on Wabash Avenue is a mission-oriented, value based organization. They have, among their many charitable endeavors- a very extensive food pantry with daily lunches and take home groceries.

The Pantry has an additional channel on Facebook linked to the Parish Channel. The parish does a great job telling their story and mobilizing their supporters.

St. James food pantry facebook

Educating through social media and website

St. James uses GiveCentral for raising funds online. By adding information on their website and social media channels on how the community can get involved, they give them the chance to support a vision of helping those in need. 

St. James uses GiveCentral for raising funds online

The team at St. James provides two types of content – educational and promotional. The first set of content explains what their goals and mission is, what kind of events they regularly host. 

The second set of content is directed to donors – letting them know how they can participate in the drive or contribute. The team shares these informative posts a few days before the event takes place to increase engagement. 

Using GiveCentral gives them the opportunity to collect recurring donations, target lapsed donors, or reach them on their mobile devices.

St. James on wabash chicago

Producing good results

St. James is helping shape a better world and reaching their goals at the same time.

By actively engaging with their community on platforms that they use most, they were able to fundraise $42,144 in the last three months.

Key Takeaways 

1. Set Fundraising Goals

Setting fundraising goals is incredibly important. The goal-setting process invites your whole team to really hone in on what’s important and what you’re hoping to accomplish

2. Promote Recurring Giving

Recurring donors are also more engaged, give more, and keep giving for longer.

Place a prominent link to your recurring giving program in all your email newsletters, share social media posts, and on your website, highlighting recurring donors and the impact their donations are having.

3. Create a Fundraising Campaign and Tell Stories

Storytelling plays a huge role in developing an emotional connection with your donors. Essentially, a compelling story is much more effective than any stat could ever be. What’s your narrative?

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