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#GivingTuesday with GiveCentral

We know, we know…it doesn’t feel like we will ever make it to the end of 2020, but the reality is that it will be here sooner than we imagine!

Don’t wait until later to think about how your diocese will manage #GivingTuesday! Last year, in 2019, over $511M was raised through #GivingTuesday, with Catholic organizations only representing a little over 10% of that.

GiveCentral, an online donation platform chosen by many dioceses for their Annual Appeals, Capital Campaigns and their parishes, is introducing a Giving Tuesday program that will allow for:

  • Dynamic rollup (see a total given across the diocese)
  • Customized crowdfunding pages for each participating organization (they can make changes themselves, too!)
  • Donors can give to more than one organization upon checkout
  • Use GiveCentral Live to update and encourage donors throughout #GivingTuesday!
  • Low transaction fees! Take advantage of GiveCentral’s low transaction fees, an average of 2.8% per transaction!

What makes GiveCentral Crowdfunding Different?

Show which of your parishes, schools and organizations are fundraising the most.

support your parish this Giving Tuesday

Our custom website and dynamic leaderboard will allow people to see which organization has collected the most, based on dollar amounts, but also participating donors.

Donors can navigate to a chosen organization to make a gift – or make multiple gifts at the same time!

Organizations can update their own crowdfunding page to encourage their community to keep giving throughout the day.

Use GiveCentral Live to allow organizations to livestream updates to their community during #GivingTuesday. GiveCentral Live is unique because it allows donors to make a gift right from the livestream screen – no links in a description or clicking out of the livestream!

Click below to watch a video of how donors can interact with GiveCentral to make your Diocese’s #GivingTuesday initiatives as smooth and successful as possible!


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