Spring Fundraising Ideas : How to organize a school fair

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Spring Fundraising Ideas : How to organize a school fair

Are you planning to organize a spring fair for fundraising, but you don’t know where to start?
There’s a lot to be done. You must pick the right date, theme and entertainment for your event. You should also look to create invites, maps, and other materials to make it a fun fair.

Here are some useful tips to steer you in the right direction. Let’s get started!

What stands should you provide?

  • game stands , of course. Some can be very simple, others more sophisticated, but the important thing is to have fun. If your spring fundraiser includes kids of diverse age groups, make sure you have games adapted to each age group. Among the great classics are: fishing, egg or sack race, donkey tail, twister, basketball hoop, target shooting, ring throwing, water pistol shooting … Or why not an inflatable castle that you will rent for the occasion.
  • one or more creative stands: make-up, balloon inflation, even cooking or decals …
  • food and drink stands, not to mention sweets
  • a stand to purchase tickets or participation cards and food, to avoid the circulation of cash

How it works ?

When they win (or participate) on a stand, children have their participation card stamped or receive a winning ticket.
After a certain number of stamps or winning tickets, they can choose one or more lots.

Instead of a card stamped, you can adopt different formulas to decide winners:
. track the number of winnings from different game stands (and not winning tickets or prizes)
. or you could go for entirely free participation and ask winner to donate their winnings

  • or possibly sell unique event souvenirs

And, at the same time as the fair, why not plan …:

  • a children’s show
  • an exhibition of students’ work during the year
  • a raffle ?

Here are some more easy fundraising ideas that you borrow to create a grand spring fundraising event.

Some steps to remember:

  • List the stands, provide the necessary equipment
  • Check the number of parent volunteers for the stands
  • Print participation cards or tickets
  • Buy the necessary batches and food, without forgetting drinks and ice cubes to cool them. You can also make donation requests to hypermarkets.
  • Think about the music and sound
  • Do not forget to make a request to the city to occupy school premises for a fair outside of school time
  • Make for nice decorations (balloons, pennants)!

Happy fair!

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