Fundraising for Nonprofits in the face of a Pandemic

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Fundraising for Nonprofits in the face of a Pandemic

We are all aware of the situation that the Covid-19 virus has put us in. However, that shouldn’t stop your process of planning and making efforts; this means that communication and engagement must go on so that it may result in better fundraising for nonprofits. 

The period of Lent is a time for prayer, reflection and renewal. In the face of a pandemic such as Coronavirus, a lot of parishioners may feel the need to stay indoors and not really go out so much as they used to. Your parish can take this moment to rebuild and renew relationships. GiveCentral intends to make Lent and Easter communication a smoother ride by creating Lenten communications with focus on prayerfulness, reflection and support. The solution is in the form of a personalized page where members can make a prayer request or even a request for home visit for the sick. 

In order to help, we would ask your parish to do the following, this season:

  • Ideally, you should send at least 3 Lenten communication letting your parishioners know of your prayers and support. We can even send it for you if you’d like! 
  • We have created Personalized Pew Cards for your parish which invites parishioners to make donations to your parish online or via Text-to-Engage (Give).  Let your parishioners know about the pew cards before, during or at the end of each liturgy.
  • Ask your parishioners who are present on Palm Sunday and Easter to consider making a gift using the keyword “Easter”. For visitors, please ask them to use the keyword “Quick” along with your Text-to-Engage number. Those that wish to engage more with your parish will respond.  Also, you can ask them if there is someone in their family that needs prayers or a home visit.

We want to help make you successful and make your work a little easier. We are concerned about the impact that lack of outreach may have on our faith community, this Lenten and Easter season. We understand that fundraising for nonprofits requires excellent communication. Feel free to let us know how we can help you.

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