An overview of a donor management software

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An overview of a donor management software

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” Kathy Calvin

For nonprofits, this difference could be anything from treating your donors right to making effective fundraising campaigns. Most nonprofits still face a major dilemma of including technology with their charity efforts. Would the communication lose its personal touch? All donor management software providers advocate quite the opposite! 

New fundraising tools like text-to-give, crowdfunding have shown to enhance fundraising performance for several nonprofits. Your campaign reaches more people and is better targeted, which helps you create an event that your community and donors connect to. These tasks are very time-consuming if done manually and may lead to a lot of mistakes. But with software, your organization can check the fundraising trends in no time and set up events that your donors like. Moreover, you can also enhance your marketing and target new donors and members with a well planned online marketing strategy.

The other concern is the cost. Is it fine to spend on an app to streamline your fundraising efforts? Or can you get an average system for free? What is the best app to pick when working on your nonprofit fundraising?

Nonprofits can be very tempted if they find a way to save a lot of cash by using a free app. But while picking a fundraising software, while working with a low budget, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

What donor management software do you need?

The key to answering this question is understanding the difference between a fundraising software and a donor management software. For example, GiveCentral is a multi-platform online donation tool, but GiveCentral Community is a donor management software where you can track and understand your organization’s interactions with donors, volunteers, and constituents.

You need to check your organization’s needs and figure out what software would suit you. But if you’re looking for software that could help manage your donor data and create meaningful reports, campaigns according to these conclusions, go with a donor management software.

What makes GiveCentral Community a great choice?

Donation management softwares must do a lot more than just listing your donors and recording their pledges, donations and payment methods. GiveCentral Community was developed with the same thought in mind. With GiveCentral Community, you are not just able to generate great insights with advanced reporting, you are also able to segregate your donors properly with tools like household and relationship management.

Why should every campaign look the same? Every campaign must have a custom fundraising page matching the theme of the cause. Therefore, GiveCentral Community helps you move on from boring fundraising pages and provide your donors an intuitively designed custom fundraising page for each campaign.

Your weekly church basket has also been upgraded. With the new Batch-Entry tool, updating your cash donations on your donor management software has been made easier than ever. Plus, mapping your donor preferences has also become much more intuitive with GiveCentral’s Advanced Reports where you can choose from a list of several insightful reports for your organization and raise more donations.

Moreover, if your organization is using Salesforce NPSP, you can easily and seamlessly sync your data with GiveCentral Community and use all its features.

Therefore, understand what your organization really needs and choose the right tool. If you need more help deciding, contact us today!


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