Electronic Giving : Tap Into Your Community’s Generosity

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Electronic Giving : Tap Into Your Community’s Generosity

GiveCentral is an electronic giving platform built keeping the donor’s experience in mind. Our responsive mobile webpages and app allows your donors to give whenever and wherever convenient for them! Electronic giving comes with a lot of benefits. You can use this feature to receive recurring or planned giving, supplemental funds, events and fees, festivals, raffles and galas or alumni giving. Online giving is growing quickly, especially recurring, monthly gifts. GiveCentral data shows that monthly online donors give 33 percent more than donors who give by check, and 94 percent more than a monthly cash donor.

Along with electronic giving, GiveCentral is a complete donor management system that provides your organization with one convenient, user-friendly tool to consolidate all fundraising activities, letting you spend more time connecting with your donors.

Collect donations via all major credit and debit cards, electronic check, mobile app and card reader, remote check deposit, web links and buttons or text messaging.

In short, Why Electronic Giving is Useful

Online fundraising is incredibly useful for the following reasons:

  • It saves your team both time and money;
  • It improves donor relations; and
  • It expands your reach of who can donate

Getting your players out into the community to raise money for a good cause is important for building character and team unity. Online fundraising is simply an additional way to increase donations!

In like manner, from a donor’s perspective, online giving has its unique benefits too! Some of which are:

1. Ease of Giving

Once a donor decides to give, they want it to be as easy and quick as possible. Online fundraising offers this option with website donation forms and text giving. This convenience is why online giving continues to grow.

2. Keeping Personal Information Safe

Electronic giving is safer for donors than traditional paper checks. You don’t hand over a paper check to a stranger giving them access to your name, address, bank name, routing number, and bank account number. In contrast, your information is encrypted and safe.

3. Setting up recurring donations.

Donors who want to continue supporting an organization find this option convenient. Many people appreciate the opportunity to choose to give a certain amount weekly/monthly with a single click instead of donating every month on their own.

Get started today! To learn how GiveCentral can increase revenue for your organization, write to us at info@givecentral.org

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