Drawing lessons from the Kentucky derby

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Drawing lessons from the Kentucky derby

Were you one of the millions of Americans who tuned into the Kentucky Derby this past weekend? I’ve always wanted to go and take in the action at Churchill Downs. While the Kentucky Derby is synonymous with mint juleps and big hats, as I watched the fastest two minutes in sports, I couldn’t help but draw analogies to fundraising. There are so many horses in the fundraising race. Donors are bombarded with messages and pleas for support from a wide array of organizations supporting a vast assortment of causes. How do you make your horse stand out? Here are a few “training tips” to help you take the lead and stay on a winning track:

Strong Storyline

Electronic Donations

Every horse has a backstory and the same goes for your organization. You’ve got to come out of the gates with a compelling reason for donors to “bet on” – or support – your mission. You need a clear, crystallized mission and a detailed plan on how you are going to tell it. Donors want to know the impact their donations are making in your organization, so be sure to tell them…and often!

And They’re Off

Make it easy for donors to support you when they are ready to “cross the finish line.” In today’s on-the-go world, you need to ensure donors can reach you any time, any place. Optimize online giving options so your supporters can donate on their schedule, not yours.

The recent GiveCentral Insights on Nonprofit Giving study found that evenings and weekends are the most likely time donors give.  Ensuring your supporters can easily donate electronically will positively impact your fundraising.  GiveCentral user data shows that monthly online donors give 94 % more than monthly cash donors and 33 percent more than a donor who gives by check monthly. Make online giving an option and make sure it’s easy to navigate and find on your website.

Winners Circle

Without your donors you can’t achieve your mission. Be sure to thank them for the role they play in your success and keep them abreast of other ways they can get involved in your organization.

The Right Jockey

GiveCentral offers innovative technology that helps you broadcast your story and breed strong donor engagement so you are on a winning track. And, with a full array of reports at your fingertips, you have access to data and stats to help you stay ahead of the curve. Think of GiveCentral as the jockey that helps you successfully compete. With a sound strategic fundraising and communications plan, combined with the right tools and systems, you can be the front-runner in the fundraising race!


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