Individual giving on the rise – new nonprofit fundraising report.

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Individual giving on the rise – new nonprofit fundraising report.

This is nonprofit fundraising report is out and it looks very promising for small organizations fundraising. Americans gave $390.05 billion setting a record in giving to various nonprofits all across America, states Giving USA’s Annual Report on Philanthropy.

All donor types, except the bequest category, increased since last year. The total growth in charitable giving has increased 2.7 %, though many acknowledge it as a moderate growth. Even though there was a drop in mega gifts of more than $200 million, the collective donations by individual donors have gone up 3.9%. The smaller amounts still made it to be the majority of the donations and the individual donors made up to 72% of the donors.

According to the Giving USA Report, American philanthropy has seen its third consecutive year of growth. And with the increasing number of generous donors, there is only a positive growth in years to come.

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The infographic below, created by The Giving USA, The Giving Institute illustrates the numbers and giving trends in nonprofit fundraising by sub sectors.


About Giving USA.

Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy is the longest-running and most comprehensive report on charitable giving in the United States. The annual report of 2017 was released on 13th June.

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