[Case Study Saint Elizabeth] Tips for parishes to grow donations year over year

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[Case Study Saint Elizabeth] Tips for parishes to grow donations year over year

Saint Elizabeth saw a 15% growth in donations (YoY) with GiveCentral

During the pandemic outbreak, many nonprofit organizations chose to focus messaging on the needs of parishioners, while also highlighting relevant COVID-19 information. This general messaging seems to have resonated with the donors because since the start of the pandemic, dollars raised online are 10% higher than during the same period in 2019.

Enable giving in 5 seconds or less. 

Saint Elizabeth in Robinson Illinois is one such parish. They were quick to optimize their digital assets- like the website, social media channels to include the most recent masses, the donation options and bulletins at prominent places on the website.

St Elizabeth in Robinson Illinois Parish

The Donate Now link at the top of St Elizabeth’s landing page, as well as the Donate Now button near the bottom of the landing page, lead straight to the GiveCentral Page for the parish, where donors can choose the event, giving frequency and gift size and make a donation real quick. 

St Elizabeth Parish donate now button
St Elizabeth- All Causes

These simple measures helped them achieve a 15% growth over last year in their online giving. 

How do you get there?

There are several strategies that you can use to increase your visibility and collect more donations online

  • Make online giving a must-have on your site : from the home page to the navigation, from the footer to the call-to-action buttons, the possibility of giving immediately should be obvious to the potential donor.
  • Reduce distractions on your key pages
  • Clearly illustrate the impact of donations
  • Display your logos, certifications and security guarantees in a permanently visible place on your site. Confidence is a key element that increases conversion.
  • Give the possibility of making a donation for a loved one. The end of year celebrations are approaching: create a campaign around this theme!
  • Make sure you site loads quickly on the device

Get in touch with your GiveCentral support for more information. 

Stories such as these inspire and motivate us. See how organizations similar to yours are growing with GiveCentral.

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