5 Strategies to increase your nonprofit donations this summer

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5 Strategies to increase your nonprofit donations this summer

When it comes to fundraising for nonprofits, summers are the second most important time of the year, after the holiday season. Schools are shut and people look for something interesting to make the most out of their time. To leverage this opportunity that summer presents, nonprofits need to plan well in advance and be at their efficient best.

Here are a few strategies which could help you to increase your nonprofit donations this summer.

Tell a Great Story

Stories resonate much more with people than numbers. To make your audience relate with your cause, you need to articulate some great stories and move them through it. Tell them stories on how you changed people’s lives through your efforts. If you could add some visual imagery to it while making it emotional, it would go on to garner the best results for you.

Mobile Giving

The easier you make it for your donors to give, the greater would be the amount of donations coming in. With the innovations in technology, it is possible to allow people to donate by just a touch on their mobile devices. This would not only go on to save their time but would also make the entire process much smoother.

Social Media Marketing

Social media could help you to market your cause in a really low cost and a high impact manner. With the various communication channels that it has on offer, it could help you to reach out to different sets of audiences in an easy and effective way. You could show all the good work that you have been doing on your social media accounts, across the different platforms.

Use your volunteers and supporters

Ask your supporters and volunteers to share all your messages on their individual social media accounts and with their mailing lists. This would extend your reach to newer audiences and take you to avenues yet unexplored. Apart from this, ask your staff to thank your donors personally. This would not only help you to express your gratitude but would also make them feel special and give them more reasons to remain long term members of your community.

Keep your donors in the loop

You need to build relationships with your donors for your long term success. You could use the fundraising experience this summer to help you in that direction. Keep your donors updated on everything about your fundraising efforts. Show them the link between their act of giving and the impact caused. This would go on to build their trust in your nonprofit.

These are a few strategies which could help you to maximize your donations this summer. Donors are the key when it comes to fundraising for nonprofits. You need to keep them at the centre of all your efforts.

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