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Recent data gives a thumbs up to online fundraising

online fundraising

The advantages of online fundraising over the traditional ones has often been theorized in the popular literature. Be it in terms of the unimaginably large number of people one could reach, spread across large geographical distances or the relatively easy access to finance which is not dependent on a few big investors.

According to recent data released by Blackbaud Index (which tracks $20 billion in U.S. charitable giving month to month), overall giving for the three months ending in August was down 0.8 per cent as compared to the same three-month period of 2016.

Conversely, online giving saw a rise of 9.8 per cent when the two periods are compared, reinforcing our point, on the upper hand of online fundraising over traditional ones.

This disparity between overall fundraising and online fundraising is present at the sub sector level too. Arts organizations saw a decrease of 0.9 in overall fundraising, while its online fundraising saw an increase of 16.5 per cent, which was the second highest of all sectors.

Human service organizations saw a 0.6 per cent overall decrease but the third largest online increase at 14 per cent.

Healthcare organizations saw an overall increase of 3.1 per cent and an online increase of 8.1 per cent. Public society benefit organizations which were the biggest gainers in overall fundraising at 5 per cent were also the biggest gainers when it came to online fundraising at 18.7 per cent.

International affairs and education are two sectors which underwent an overall contraction when it comes to overall fundraising but saw an increase when it comes to online fundraising.

Now, coming to organization level data, large organizations, those with a revenue of $10 million or more struggled the most overall, seeing a decline of 2.4 per cent but were the biggest gainers online, with a rise of 11.5 per cent.

Small organizations which are defined as those with revenue of $1 million or less, were on the opposite end of the spectrum and witnessed an overall growth of 2.4 per cent and an online growth of 4.4 per cent. Medium sized organizations saw an increase of 0.4 per cent overall and a growth of 9.3 per cent online.

Looking at all the recent data and figures, together with the sectoral and the organizational break up, we could safely concur on the fact that online fundraising is the way to go. It is not only an attractive option in terms of raising funds but also a tested community building exercise where you form deeper bonds with the people contributing to your cause by keeping them in the loop all along.

Tips to increase your donations and market your cause


Tips to increase your donations and market your causeDonations are the support system that takes a non-profit to a successful accomplishment. It now matters how big or small your mission campaign is, with the support of the right number of donors and the right amount donations any non-profit can achieve its goals. So if foremost important as to how to get donations for your mission and what are the best methods to market you and your organization to be able to collect both the funds and a solid support group.

Few tips on how to get donations and market your non-profit:-

  1. Great content and stories

When interacting with an online audience it is necessary it remember that they haven’t seen or met you. In fact, some of them might also not have heard about you. To attract these potential donors it’s essential to draw them with your previous success stories, lives that you helped change. Show the impact you made in the most inspiring way possible and people will readily donate to your cause.

  1. Peer-to-peer motivation

The ‘everyone is doing it’ mentality sometimes can help creating the chain reaction of support. Encourage donors to publish and share the donation they made to social media to boost your followers. Claiming their support on the social media and their testimonial will help build faith in your band as well as allow people to become part of the bigger movement by donating to your cause. It’s a win-win situation at both ends.

  1. Make online donation easy

Not only should the donor be able to use your portal with any kind of payment method he wishes to use i.e. debit card payment, credit card payment, PayPal etc. You won’t want your potential donors to get frustrated trying to donate. Also, keep the online transaction neat any easy to understand. It will make the donors more willing to donate at any time they want.

  1. Show the impact of their donation

Directly relating a person’s donation to the mission he is supporting help encourage the person to donate more. For example, if you donation link says ‘your $1 will help bring clean water to drought-stricken homes in India’ the person will realize the importance of his money. Often people don’t donate thinking about the huge sum required to make any change in the world and think their measly donation won’t matter. In this way, you can show they matter and encourage them to donate.

  1. Make online donation more accessible

Making the donation from the computer screen or from a tablet or even from a mobile phone, until and unless all these devices support your payment portal you might find it hard to make people donate. An online portal compatible with all of these devices will encourage more donors to donate. Not only that, having the donation capability on a mobile phone will let the donor donate from anywhere at any time.

  1. Be Grateful

Your fundraising doesn’t end. You will still need to make it happen the next year. And while you might be making plans to pursue new potential donors keep in mind that it is only possible if your current support group still sticks with you till next year. Be generous in thanking them for their support. An online post of their contribution and their help on any social media platform will not only make the donors happy but will also act as a marketing strategy for your next fundraiser.

These tips will help you fire up your fundraisers. You can also concentrate on refreshing your donation strategy and approach your fundraising goals creatively and more effectively. Your online presence opens your campaign to a much wider audience and thus a greater chance of success. So try making an impact with your online campaign strategies.