The perfect guide to mobile giving for nonprofits

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The perfect guide to mobile giving for nonprofits

If you’re a nonprofit trying to decide on the most efficient and effective way to raise funds, GiveCentral is here to guide you through mobile giving which is very likely to become your perfect answer.

What it actually means

To begin with, mobile giving simply implies the possibility of a transaction using a mobile device whether it be a smartphone or even a tablet. The difference between mobile and online giving is that the latter is done only through mobile devices, although the same donating page might be available on a laptop or desktop.

The different types

Let’s look at four popular ways through which funds are donated the mobile way. Firstly, we have Text To Give that allows a donor to donate by texting the nonprofit’s number with the amount they would like to donate. A good example would be GiveCentral Texting that continues to make so many lives easier. Secondly, there are Giving Apps that stand for simplicity as they can be easily accessed on smaller devices. Then we have Mobile Email Donation which is another popular giving technique and an easy set up for fundraisers as well. Lastly, we have donation pages, it is very crucial for nonprofits to make sure that their donation pages are mobile friendly.

More about mobile giving

With technology more prominent than ever, mobile phones are the most used devices and almost everyone owns one. Therefore, it provides a lot of convenience to your donors. Not only is the donor information secure, but all donation informations are safe too.

Mobile giving is very popular among nonprofits especially churches. A huge part of the tithes and Sunday service offerings now get transferred through technology; a lot of church goers prefer it this way because of the time and energy it saves.

Giving through mobile devices is an ideal way to execute easy fundraising ideas for many nonprofits. It is a fundraising tool that can be used for recurring events as well as a one time project.

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