Mother’s Day fundraising guide for nonprofits.

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Mother’s Day fundraising guide for nonprofits.

Holidays, seasonal events and cultural traditions are a great time for nonprofit fundraising. People are generally more generous and open to social causes, and even help in raising awareness for a cause they connect with. When you plan ahead and match the right donors to the right kind of event, you are essentially creating great synergy!

Mother’s day fundraising can be a perfect opportunity for you to connect and motivate your supporters to give.

Here’s how GiveCentral can help you make the most of your campaign.

Plan the type of campaign that you want to create. Depending on the type of nonprofit you are, sometimes these campaigns can be a direct match with your overall goal. For example – A nonprofit working with seniors or for single moms might find that leveraging Mother’s Day might fit right into their communication calendar. For other types of organizations looking to be inspired, here are some easy fundraising ideas for mother’s day.

Create a stellar fundraising page.  A successful appeal page is important for your success. Pages with simple design and a clear message are shared more online. Set up a goal, be visual, be direct and tell a great story. GiveCentral offers some great templates for custom giving pages. You can host these pages on your websites or use a custom link with the help of GiveCentral and share it on emails, social networks or your pamphlets. Here are some tips to design your own donation page.

Add a donate button to your page. With a fundraising page, you can place the donate button where it is visible without feeling the burden of being obstructive. Your supporters expect that, and also would appreciate not having to spend to much time looking for it. Integrate it on the header or the bottom of the page. Placing it right next to the donation goal is also a good idea. 

Encourage your supporters to donate. Your supports can be your greatest advocated, and would love to help you out, provided you make it easy for them to share. Ask them to participate through emails and social media posts. Share the link of your donation page; if they are bloggers or have a website of their own, don’t forget to share donate buttons they can add to their web pages.  

Here are some other ideas to encourage online giving.

Fundraising best practices. Here are some general tips to reach more donors online or via mobile giving. We always encourage nonprofits to think ahead about their message, their annual campaigns and also the marketing channels they should be using to spread the message. It is crucial to build a momentum in advance to reap maximum benefits for any fundraising campaigns. 

Another method to always stay ahead of the curve is to research what others are doing and learn from them quickly. Don’t restrict yourself to your own sector. For-profit businesses have great budgets and often come up with great campaign ideas that you could adapt and use  to achieve your personal fundraising goals.

Network with other brands and reward your most active influencers to create a band of loyal supporters. It really takes you a long way.

We hope you found this article useful. At GiveCentral, we’re committed to help nonprofits grow. What are some other nonprofit fundraising tactics that you use? What are some topics that you would like to learn more about? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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