5 Great nonprofit campaigns around Mother’s Day 2024

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5 Great nonprofit campaigns around Mother’s Day 2024

The holidays and important events are a fantastic means for nonprofit fundraising. It is a time when people come together connect with each other, and celebrate. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to raise money for any cause related to women’s issues and honour mothers because donors are especially generous and supportive during these times. Nonprofits of all sizes and causes can align their goals with specific donor behaviour around the holidays. They can start a crowdfunding campaign and set up online giving via emails or mobile giving tools for a 360-degree campaign.

In today’s post, we will look at some of the best fundraising campaigns around Mother’s Day. We’ll examine what makes them particularly effective. You can use them as a reference to create your own campaigns or tie up with these organizations to increase your reach. Learning from ongoing campaigns can help you identify ways to make your own Mother’s Day fundraising campaigns more compelling.

So let’s begin.

Every Mother CountsEMC

This nonprofit provides education and dedicates resources to make childbirth safe for every mother. Their campaign is exclusively focused on mothers.

Outreach InternationalOutreach International

Started in 1979, this nonprofit has since been working in 10 countries to implement long-term community-driven solutions to poverty.  With their efforts ranging from their clean water initiatives to giving out small business loans to health services, this nonprofit has truly empowered communities. It proposes sustainable solutions to bring down poverty through community engagement.  They are making life better for mothers, across the globe.


This nonprofit works with sex trafficking survivors in New York and helps them to restore their well-being and independence. 77 per cent of the women served by them are mothers. They are running a #GiveBackMothersDay campaign to help out the women in need of their critical services programs.


Selamta brings together orphaned children and marginalized women to create a new family. They dedicate services and resources to keep these newly formed families together and support them in different ways. The Wrapped in Love campaign would help support different programs run by this nonprofit while giving the donors an option to send a gift to their mothers.

Shining Hope for Communities 

Shining Hope for Communities

In their pursuit to uplift some of Kenya’s poorest regions, this nonprofit is dedicating its efforts towards girls’ education. Any contribution towards this nonprofit this Mother’s Day would go towards their Maternal Care and Health program. This program would ensure that new mothers and their babies get the prenatal and antenatal care that they need to have a healthy beginning in life.

These are a few nonprofit campaigns that are working towards the well-being of mothers across the globe. You could learn from these and plan something around this Mother’s Day. One needs to add some emotions to a smart strategy to have successful fundraising for nonprofits around such events.

Bonus tip! Make sure you look beyond your own sector when you are looking for inspiration. Bigger brands are not as restricted with budgets as nonprofits often are, and you will find many well-executed ideas and creatives you can use to your own effect. Go beyond the obvious messaging!

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