January is nearly gone…but not forgotten

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January is nearly gone…but not forgotten

Can it possibly be the last week in January already?   Did you ever wonder where the month of January got its name?  It’s named in honor of the Roman god Janus:  the god of beginnings and transitions, the guardian of doors and gates. Quite fitting for the first month of the year.

Janus is usually depicted having two heads facing opposite directions.  One looks back and the other looks forward.  As we prepare to “close the gates” on January and step boldly into February, perhaps we can take some of the words most often associated with Janus and apply them to your mission:


Do you offer your donors multiple “gateways” to giving?  Are you meeting them everywhere they are – online, on their phone, at home, in person – so you intersect with their lives when they are ready to give?  To make the most of giving, you have to offer a plethora of ways to give. Provide options and see what door donors choose.   


Before month’s end, why not make a commitment to embark on something new that will enhance your mission.  Look back on something you recently completed and brainstorm ways you can improve it in the future. There’s always a way to put a new spin on something and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the impact a fresh twist can have!

Put your Best Face Forward

Make sure you are clearly communicating your vision and how donor support brings your mission to life.  But it’s more than just words.  Strong visual imagery must be a component of your communications.  Put a face to the story for a stronger emotional link.

As I think about what the Roman god Janus symbolizes, I can’t help but draw a link between Janus and the role of a development director and/or and business manager at many non-profit organizations. In this role, these dedicated professionals are truly the gatekeepers to the success of the organization’s mission.  

But, they can only be as good as the tools they have to support their function.  Does your organization have a state-of-the-art donor management software in place to help power your mission?  One that provides up-to-date metrics for administrators while simultaneously offering donors a simple and intuitive way to support your organization?  

If not, it’s time to think about transitioning to a new system so you can reap the many benefits.  Let GiveCentral show you how we can help you keep moving forward.


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