Enhance Christmas Fundraising with GiveCentral Events

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Enhance Christmas Fundraising with GiveCentral Events

Christmas fills everyone with the spirit of giving. There is no better time for nonprofits to make the most of their donor’s generous spirits. Yet, managing donations and donor information while updating ongoing campaigns is a difficult task for nonprofits, especially during this time of the year. GiveCentral’s online giving platform was designed with the goal to simplify the work of fundraisers in all ways possible. To curb the hassle of big events such as Christmas Fundraising, use GiveCentral’s event support as your partner for any event that your nonprofit may host. 

“Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.” ―Eric Sevareid

From large fundraising galas to potluck dinners our team has some amazing ideas for you to work with, as well as, plenty of services to help your event go smoothly and successfully. Check out the different ways in which our platform can help you: 

Accepting Payments at your Event

The biggest advantage of conducting events is the number of supporters it attracts. An event conducted by your nonprofit might induce the enthusiasm of giving. All you need is a tool that enables easy and fast collection of donations. 

GiveCentral Go which is a mobile giving swiper, available for the Android & iOS platforms, is a portable payment processor that helps make your fundraiser a success both during and after the event. Now, your supporters can donate to your cause on the go- without having to sign up again. Your supporters can even donate in advance or as they arrive at your event. 

The biggest benefit for organizers is that you don’t have to update records manually anymore after the event, the data sync between the swiper and donor data is real time.

Communication at your fingertips

Our Text-to-Give and Text-to-Donate services can help you conduct an interactive session at your events. You can teach your supporters a new technique of donations and ask them to donate now. All your donors need to do is text to your customized phone number and make a donation directly from their phones. 

We do not want you to lose your donors, neither do we want your organisation to have one-off donors. Therefore, with GiveCentral’s Text-to-Connect, your donors can text you their primary information, like name and email, which can be easily stored in your database for future references.

Not just that, with GiveCentral Community – a donor management application, you can consolidate collection, fundraising, and communication activities all in one convenient place. 

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So much packed in a single package. Want to know more? Contact us now.

GiveCentral Crowdfunding : The Giving Multiplier

GiveCentral Crowdfunding is aimed at delimiting the extent of your fundraising. Along with your guests, there can be so many people in the world who want to contribute to a common goal. This tool lets your fundraiser reach them. We help you create your own customized crowdfunding pages around your specific goals. Your guests can also donate to this page to fulfill your campaign goal. 

These custom pages update in real-time. You can see and project at your event, how much donation is being processed every minute, creating a momentum to your campaign. 

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Fundraising for a particular purpose

Nonprofits often conduct fundraisers as they need financial assistance with a particular project or collecting resources for a significant upgrade in their infrastructure. GiveCentral thus came up with a few programs like:

  • The School Fundraising program, which allows schools to take advantage of our crowdfunding tool that helps them conduct targeted, measurable fundraising campaigns for their classroom needs.
  • Fundraising for the Future helps your nonprofit garner the resources for you by providing a dedicated team member to help you with communications and improving your annual appeal and recurring giving. We provide resources for the short or long-term and help with the transfer of knowledge.

GiveCentral allows you the ability to integrate our features with your existing platform, so that you continue using the tools that you’re familiar with. We know fundraising during Christmas can be a hectic task with all the preparations for your nonprofit event. Our team works with you in establishing communications and timelines to prepare for your big event. So, are you ready to join hands with us? Here’s your way to a successful campaign.

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