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Easy fundraising ideas for churches

Fundraising is an important part of the functioning of a church. Putting all your time and effort into a fundraiser that fails is the last thing any church would want. Therefore, you need to know the fundraising technique and the fundraiser that will generate maximum funds for your church. 

Adopting modern techniques like online and mobile giving is slowly becoming a popular trend among churches today; churches no longer limit themselves to  Funds can be raised individually or even as a group, let’s look at a few easy fundraising ideas through which goals and targets can be met for your congregation.


This is a term is used to refer to any effort that has been made to raise money with donations from a large number of people.  Although crowdfunding was initially used as a method of attracting small-scale investments to for-profit organizations, it has now become a well known method among numerous faith-based organizations and nonprofits. The advantage lies in the fact that this method enables outreach to an audience bigger than the congregation itself. In this method, a fundraising campaign is set up on a crowdfunding platform, promoted on social media and through other platforms, not to forget word-of-mouth. 

One for One

This is a “buy one, give one” concept that helps shoppers in forming a bond with a cause, thus initiating the first step of selfless giving. This one may not be one of those easy fundraising ideas, but it will surely attract some attention if presented well. For example, your church can organize a love feast where in the person who comes to have dinner or lunch, pays for himself and one more person. The extra amount that has been paid will go towards feeding the hungry or any other relevant mission or cause. 

Swap Shop

A great way to help the church raise money, it also helps the congregation clean up their closets, garages and basements. Convince members of your church to donate clothes and useful tools that other people will want to buy. Pick a sunday school/ conference room where you can set up your store. Sell these goods and the ones that don’t sell can be donated to a nonprofit organization. The money generated from this effort can go to your cause. 

Pledge Fundraising

Known to be in alignment with long term fundraising, this is a method that takes time. It is very effective for donors who cannot pay the money right away; this is all about taking the pledge to contribute monthly, quarterly or even yearly, Pledges are mainly promises of support at or during a given time. It is advisable for churches to look for a good fundraising platform that can support all the technical requirements of any fundraising campaign. 

Mobile Giving

For all the church members who can’t help but hashtag #churchstories on every service related post, this is the perfect method to get them giving. This is quick and easy, text-to-give is the epitome of modern day donation process; everything at the touch of a hand. In order to take part in this evolution, churches need to find the right platform that will help assist the entire process and will help with a software that can monitor all transactions. 

The Special Days

There are days in the calendar that are really big on selflessness and love for one another. You can always theme your fundraiser around one of these days. It could be Thanksgiving, or even #GivingTuesday for that matter. Also, you can offer decoration services to your church members during the Christmas season, have a fixed amount that you’ll charge and be a winner at this task called nonprofit fundraising. 

It is a fact that there are many more easy fundraising ideas,  however all of them should always be accompanied with good promotions. The promotion can be done on social media, church newsletters and emails, word-of-mouth, church services or events and church magazines. The more your church members know about your campaign, the better your end results can be. 

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