A parish plan for advent: steps to a better advent appeal

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A parish plan for advent: steps to a better advent appeal

Practical steps to improve your advent appeal.

This liturgical season is an occasion for many to revisit their faith. Throughout your Advent services, and especially on Christmas, it is important to reach out to the parishioners you see less often. Along with Easter, this is one of the best times to rekindle a person’s relationship with the Church. Not coincidentally, this is also the time to prepare for fundraising success in 2016.

Let GiveCentral help you with your Advent appeal plan

  1. Welcome Them Home

    Let returning parishioners know that you’re glad to see them, and hope they’ll be around more during the rest of the year. Address them during announcements at Mass, if not during the homily.

  2. Get in Touch

    Ask everyone to provide their latest contact information (especially email addresses), so they won’t be left out of important announcements. Many parishes choose to provide paper slips to be handed in with the offertory.Even faster, ask everyone to text you their contact information all at once. That’s right, texting during Mass! GiveCentral can help you do this for free—contact us to learn more.

  1. Ask for a Commitment

    Don’t be shy—ask everyone to commit to making a regular gift to your church. For those who have been out of touch lately, this is a great way to begin reconnecting while they are in the pew.

  2. Sign Them Up

    Place GiveCentral signup forms in the pews, and ask parishioners to fill them out and drop them in the offertory basket. By completing a card during Mass, parishioners can give you all the information to automate their weekly or monthly giving.

  1. Stay in Touch

    Use your improved email address list to start reaching out to your parish community. Start with a message thanking everyone for participating in the Advent liturgy, and continue with a new message at least once per month. Use GiveCentral’s free email templates as a starting point, and customize them however you like.

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