GC Community: Stimulate nonprofit fundraising during COVID-19

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GC Community: Stimulate nonprofit fundraising during COVID-19

In America, as March began, COVID-19 began! Many sectors have hit the bottom of their charts and the nonprofit industry isn’t showing any growing trend either. A principle nonprofits and churches thrive on is “social gathering” and here we are, practicing “social distancing”. 

Everything is out of order. While you look around and find everybody to be in a grim situation – worried about how to uplift their organization, you don’t have to be lost in these difficult times. GiveCentral has got your back during this pandemic. GiveCentral has introduced prominent features that can dramatically change the way nonprofits and churches conduct events and raise donations. 

GiveCentral turned to be a safe haven for Easter events!

In-person events got canceled. Activities were dropped off the list as gatherings were a big NO! At this stage, nonprofits were wondering about how to execute their Easter events, especially the Easter Mass. This drew their attention towards the unprecedented need to go online – to conduct events online and fundraise online. 

As opposed to the tech industry, the nonprofit fundraising sector is not skillful with the evolving technology. Therefore, we provided churches with all the technical information and assistance they needed to conduct their events such as Easter Mass online. GiveCentral introduced features to make the church’s online fundraising easy during Easter. We made it possible for churches and parishes to reach their community via live streaming Easter Mass during COVID-19

Perhaps the crisis has increased the importance of social media in the nonprofit industry than ever before. We used the power of social media platforms such as Facebook for the good. One way of reaching a wide audience, even beyond their community, was through Facebook live stream. GiveCentral helped churches to live-stream their Easter Mass through Facebook Live. They also had the ability to share their Easter donation links with their audience. All they had to do was copy and paste the links from their dashboard to the live stream video, as shown in the video below.

For fundraising to triumph over COVID-19

GiveCentral has compiled all the essential resources to support your nonprofit fundraising during the pandemic

  1. Stay up-to-date: For all information related to COVID-19, we have gathered links to important and reliable websites such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization.
  2. For your learning: So that you don’t have to wander around the internet for fundraising articles, opinions and advice, we have handpicked some of the best resources and compiled them all in one place.
  3. Enrich your knowledge: We believe that organizations must focus on strengthening their strategy during this time of crisis and this can only be achieved by knowledge. We have a number of fundraising webinars running on our platform such as making emails interactive and easy for Easter, running videos and live stream for Easter, getting started for lent and many more which will empower your organization to become more resilient and flexible towards digital medium. 

Smart communications for smart fundraising

This pandemic has confined people within the walls of their homes. While indoors, mobile devices have captured people more than ever. All you have to do is capture them through those devices. Text messages are a great way to do so. Our Text-to-give feature allows supporters to donate with just a tap. But with the rising competition, we have enhanced our text-to-give platform. We have used the power of keywords to its full potential to maximize the efficiency of texting tools. We have built text-to-give keyword-based functionality that includes System keyword and Custom keywords. These keywords will redirect your donor/supporter to forms where they can either update or register their information with your organization. By incorporating our text-to-give keyword-based functionality, you will be able to collect data with minimum efforts. And your donors will love it – because it is quick, intuitive and time-saving. Have a look.

We are in this together! All our nonprofit fundraising resources shared above will definitely help you counter the effects of the pandemic. 

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