Holiday Fundraising Ideas during COVID-19

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Holiday Fundraising Ideas during COVID-19

Many states are cancelling the July Fourth celebrations due to COVID-19 health concerns.

At the time we are writing this article, our nonprofit community is facing its fair share of challenges. Development and fundraising professionals are canceling fundraising events as COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to spread across the globe. It’s an uneasy time from a nonprofit fundraising perspective, especially when so many organizations receive large portions of their annual revenues from annual events such as galas.

If you’re in need to quickly create a virtual fundraising opportunity, we’ve thought of some great virtual fundraising events that can help your organization keep revenue flowing while the world grapples with the need to keep physical distance. We also have a list of handy resources and tools you can use to optimize your nonprofit fundraising. Check out here.

Following these tips a lot of our partners are seeing great results. See here.

And if you need more inspiration, here are some recent successes online. 

– British war veteran Captain Tom Moore has raised more than $15 million from his garden to support coronavirus efforts.

– Another campaign to go viral is the Instagram-based Run 5 Donate 5 Nominate 5, with several high-profile names coming on board.

– Being limited to home isn’t stopping people from raising cash – former Wales rugby captain Ryan Jones ran a marathon in his garden.

– Raising more than $15 million for charity is an incredible feat at any time – but doing so without leaving home is something else.

So let’s get started and explore some easy fundraising ideas for the 4th of July and other holidays this year. 

Ask donors to donate their gifts

If they have a birthday coming up, they can direct friends and family to their fundraising or crowdfunding page and ask them to donate instead of buying a gift this year.

Organize a printed t-shirt sale

Printing t-shirts is one way to get people to support your cause by giving them something in return. You also don’t have to worry about having inventory of unsold t-shirt boxes. You can retrieve all of your orders before you start printing.

Organize a clothing or book sale online

Ask your donors to gather their closet full of undamaged clothes that they barely wear or souvenirs that are gathering dust and put them to use. They can put up these items for sale on a webpage you create for them and share it with friends and set up a wardrobe vacuum at unbeatable prices.

If you have a large collection of books that you no longer read, organize a book sale! Invite your friends and family to donate their books to earn money while clearing homes!

Livestream a quiz evening

Hosting a quiz night is a fun way to raise money for your trip. Contact the businesses in your neighborhood to find prizes to distribute to the winners. Participants will pay a registration fee and the winning team will return home crowned with gifts sponsored by local businesses.If you are using GiveCentral Live, you can ask your draw the attention of your patrons to a worthy cause, ask guide them as to how they can donate to your cause by sharing personalized giving links. 

Do you have other collection ideas? Share them here with our community!

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