COVID 19 resource: Easy fundraising ideas to get through

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COVID 19 resource: Easy fundraising ideas to get through

If virtual or online events make you think of long webinars or video conferencing, this article is for you! In fact, there are many other possibilities!

Around the world, nonprofits are getting creative in using live streaming to broaden their reach. And they don’t necessarily do it with big budgets. With inexpensive technology and tools, creating an event is pretty straightforward.

Here are 6 easy fundraising ideas for virtual events to help you plan your own and keep your fundraising going during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Online Baking Sale

You can revamp the traditional baking sale by taking it online and eventually, a notch higher. Host an online baking sale and double up the incoming funds. You and your team can bake a cake and put it up for sale online; talk about it at least 2 weeks before the main event, on social media and your website. Online baking sale will also help you reach more audience for engagement.  High-quality pictures, presented in the most appealing manner are a must to have and kept in mind. 

Gift Card Fundraiser

Partner with a website that deals in fundraising through gift cards. You then have to purchase the gift cards from a website and resell them. Once your supporters use the card online for purchase, 10% of the amount will go to your campaign as donation. 


It refers to a large group of people donating online in order to help fund a cause. There is a misconception that crowdfunding is mainly for individual projects. However, that isn’t the case. Online fundraising for nonprofits can be boosted using crowdfunding, GiveCentral’s crowdfunding tool is a good example. It is very simple and easy to set up and helps you achieve your target. Your supporters can also promote it online. This method also gives you the benefit of reaching more donors.

Merchandise sale

With a process almost similar to that of an online baking sale, this is something that will require an excellent presentation. The selling of merchandise used to be possible only in person or at events, but with the help of technology, you can now sell it online on your own website, social media page and even via emails. Your team and volunteers can help you set this up with proper planning. For example, a school can sell stationeries and t-shirts online and collect those funds.

Social sharing event

Pick a day to focus only on social media and requesting your supporters to donate. The day should be of some significance to your nonprofit. Giving Tuesday is a fine example of a one-day flash fundraiser. On the day, you can actively encourage your audience to give and also pass on the requests. If you have an audience that is active on social media, this idea may just be the perfect method for you. You can also utilize emails to make a request for some act of kindness.

Social media takeover

This is more about making use of your network and connections that you have made. Approach a corporate organization and pitch for a social media takeover, your nonprofit will be posting on their social media handles for one day. Take this opportunity to ask for donations and promote any campaign that you are running presently, all day long. This will not only help you increase the number of people that you’re reaching out to, it will also earn your more brand awareness.

Researching more on some of these ideas and figuring out as to which one would work best for your nonprofit would be the ideal thing to do. Fundraising for nonprofits is definitely not an easy task, but it is always worth it at the end of the day.

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