Church post Covid-19: Tips to Stay Organized for Pastors

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Church post Covid-19: Tips to Stay Organized for Pastors

It is okay to not be able to control everything, however, it is important to make sure that you know what you are able to control, especially when it comes to managing your organization. The Covid-19 pandemic has been here for over a year and all kinds of organizations are adjusting around the impact caused by the virus, churches are not an exception either. Be it fundraising for nonprofits or your parish meetings, all of these have largely shifted online for the safety of all. GiveCentral has outlined a few church Covid-19 tips so that you can bring in more productivity as you juggle different duties of life.

Set a schedule for religious meetings

Although the situation is not as bad as it was in 2020, planning a gathering for the church has to be well thought out. Having a planned schedule and sticking to the same is very important. Set and follow regular hours, your Sunday must be well defined. This will help you get organized and deliver exactly what you intend to, perhaps more. 

Declutter and claim your space

As somebody who works for the church, you might be handling some of your work from the comfort of your home. In such cases, it is ideal to have a space dedicated to your work alone; fill your space with only the things that remind you of your work and not household chores. A pencil, notepad, scented candles, plants, frames with motivational quotes are a few “stuff” that can help you get more aligned with your workload. Claim a clutter free zone and make it wholly yours.

Take a break

There can be a lot of pressure in the process of trying to bring your church back to its normal routine. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to take a break in between your working hours and refuel yourself. Take a 10 minute walk or feel some breeze on your balcony to refresh your mind and bring about better mental clarity. It is said that the sun and fresh air are good for all living beings, therefore you are no exception. Walking is also a good way to exercise your muscles that may have become stiff due to constant sitting. 

Maintain a proper task list

On some days, it is regular email and coordination work. While on other days, you have your virtual fundraising for nonprofits and churches. Between all these tasks, you may miss out on other minute but important work. Therefore, create a list that includes all priorities of the day and check them off as you complete the tasks. Compile your “list of actions” and work on the same.

Create boundaries

It is very important to draw a line between work life and personal life; therefore log off entirely when your working hours are over. This is a good practice if you want a healthy balance in your life. Once you have logged out, stop thinking about your work and the pressure, tomorrow is always another day!

Keep the communication alive

You may not be able to communicate on a scale that is as large as it used to be, but make use of email communication, text messages, calls and social media to fill in the gap. When it is not possible to have a large gathering in person, you can make use of platforms such as GiveCentral Live, Zoom or even Skype when it comes to bonding or even fundraising for nonprofits. 


In your day to day operations, make sure that you delegate work to everybody in your team. The right teamwork will help your church get back up on its feet, strong and nice. You need to have a strong sense of prioritizing work and the responsibility of deciding roles and distributing work is totally on your shoulders. Do remember to take it all, one day at a time!

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